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Derek Sedam ('09)


This hospital and medical community is one of the backbones of the Palouse region here in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. We provide care to students at Washington State University, University of Idaho, first responders, loggers, farmers, professors, and everyone in between. Fundraising for the hospital is truly cyclical -- we find generous donors and organizations who can help the hospital keep its doors open and staff employed, so that the hospital can help the community during this critical time.

We are projecting almost $10 million lost in revenue over the coming months due to shutdowns. So far the hospital foundation (where I work) was able to provide over $500,000 in relief, and our community has come together to donate over $500,000 additional dollars to our COVID-19 Pullman Regional Hospital Fund. Our community has also donated homemade masks, food for our nurses and doctors that are working around the clock, and other critical supplies.

Philanthropy is the margin of excellence for any public or non-profit entity. It helps transform good hospitals into great ones. While many rural hospitals are closing their doors or laying off staff, Pullman Regional Hospital will continue to be there for the community when they need it. I'm just a small part -- but part of an excellent team at Pullman Regional. It is rewarding to have people share their stories and the passions for the hospital during this time and see the impact of their donations come to light.