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Mallory Bockwoldt ('16)

Los Cerros High School Facebook Parent Frame

Heidi Bernard ('85) introduced Pepperdine graphic designer Mallory Bockwoldt ('16) to Nancy Mahoney ('85), who works as a counselor at Los Cerros Middle School in Danville, California. Nancy admired Pepperdine's Facebook Parent frames and wondered how to get one made for her students.

"I asked Mallory for help and she volunteered her personal time to assist Nancy and design a frame for her school, and I am sure it is because service has been reinforced in her through Pepperdine's culture of service. Nancy was very grateful and it was great to see one Pepperdine alumna helping another. It also will make the kids and parents at Los Cerros happy, and will inspire them during these tough times. It might inspire others to do the same for those in other schools as they see it on Facebook and other social media platforms." —Heidi Bernard ('85)