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Pepperdine University

Crest Advisory Board

Pepperdine Crest Advisory Board

Composed of community friends and donors who support Pepperdine and its mission, the Crest Advisory Board partners with University leaders to promote service projects, educational programs, and special events.

The Crest Board also provides mentorship and financial support to the Pepperdine Ambassadors Council (PAC), a group of student leaders who serve the community and Pepperdine through their volunteer efforts.


Mission Statement

The Crest Advisory Board, through its membership, strives to build a symbiotic and trusting relationship between the members of the Pepperdine University family and the people of surrounding communities.

This sense of community, founded in spiritual enlightenment and measured by a commitment to continuing excellence, is exemplified by:

  • Facilitating forums for the meaningful exchange of information, thus educating both the University and the community about issues of mutual importance;
  • Supporting and integrating academic, cultural, and athletic projects stimulating to the University and the community;
  • Advising students and members of the community, both present and future, on matters of significance; and

Demonstrating, by its action and membership, a true ambassadorship for the ideals of higher education in the Pepperdine tradition.


Crest Advisory Board Members

  • David Anawalt
  • Jeroen Bik
  • Miray Bik
  • Marji Boething
  • Graeme Clifford
  • Lou Colombano
  • Fiona Corrigan
  • Clark Cowan
  • Alanna Cowan
  • Ani Dermenjian
  • Ann Ehringer
  • Barry Garapedian
  • Rudy Gonzales
  • Paul Grisanti
  • Mike Harriel
  • Mary Hawkins
  • Aaron Jasper
  • Ryan Joe
  • Ashley Lewis
  • Sheldon Lodmer*
  • Veera Mahajan
  • Tim Marland
  • Mark Olson
  • Jerry Orefice
  • Anne Payne
  • Connie Slade
  • Kevin Steele
  • Robert J. Sutton
  • Rene Williams
  • David Weil
  • Ellen Weitman
  • Robyn Zimmet


University Staff

  • Heidi Bernard
  • Lauren Cosentino
  • Ricky Eldridge


In Memoriam

  • Grant Adamson
  • Dan Bishop
  • Mary Lou Blackwood
  • Sharon Gee
  • Michael Harris
  • Richard Mark
  • John Merrick
  • Michael Polito
  • Dorothy Stotsenberg

* Chair
Italics and Bold: Executive Board
Italics: Friend of the Board