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E2B Reaches 200th MBA Consulting Project

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Students at the Graziadio School of Business and Management completed their 200th real-time MBA-level case-consulting project this summer, providing valuable insight for company executives and experiential learning opportunities for students.

The school’s Education-to-Business (E2B) program is a “real-world” learning experience embedded within the curriculum of various classes, including marketing, global markets, finance, and information technology. Since the program’s inception in 2002, the school has conducted 100 projects over the course of the first six years, 100 in the last three years, and now hosts more than 35 projects each year.

“Pepperdine University’s E2B program allows companies to expand their intellectual resources and capacity and at the same time gain solutions to complex issues,” says Doreen Shanahan, marketing professor and E2B program director. “It also provides business students with practical education that allows them to apply MBA-level business concepts outside the classroom. Now in the program’s ninth year, we are thrilled that companies are returning for multiple projects and to see Graziadio School MBA graduates, who completed projects as students, are returning as clients.”

Over the course of one trimester, students provide rigorous analysis, fresh perspective, and actionable recommendations on how to move the company’s business forward. At the end of the trimester, the MBA teams present a report, both oral and written, to the company’s executives.

“The difference-making insights delivered by the Pepperdine E2B teams were clever, actionable, and powerful,” remarked Robert Bellack, executive vice president, new ventures, for the Los Angeles Times.

“Clearly the Los Angeles Times and our products benefited as much from the students’ hard work and unique perspectives as the students benefited from exposure to the business case we challenged them with.”

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