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Pepperdine University
Megan Huard, Managing Editor, Pepperdine Magazine

Letter from the Editor

Pepperdine Magazine is the feature magazine for Pepperdine University and its growing community of alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends.

“If we’re going to have an effect on the community, we have to be a part of the community.”


GSEP student and World Impact COO Romney Ruder believes he is best able to serve Angelenos in need by living and working among them, tightly knit into the South Los Angeles community. In this issue of Pepperdine Magazine, we meet several members of the Pepperdine family who are changing lives by fully engaging in their communities: Seaver College alumni who are impacting their native Indonesia by partnering in business in their homeland; Pepperdine deans working together to shape this university; and first-generation undergraduates helping each other grow and thrive as incoming students.

We also get to know individuals who credit the support of the Pepperdine community in helping them achieve their goals: budding entrepreneurs from the Graziadio School who are successfully finding their way in the business world; a music major who parlayed her passion into a profession as a laryngological surgeon; and former Pepperdine law students who ascended to the federal bench.

Each of these people demonstrates the spirit of purpose, service, and leadership that flourishes at Pepperdine. We hope you enjoy their stories.

Megan Huard Boyle