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With most undergraduate students at Pepperdine University participating in international programs, many attend student-led house church services on Sunday nights, while others seek spiritual strength and encouragement in different ways. Students are also welcome to participate in mid-week Bible study sessions, along with any other special activities such as worship nights and spiritual retreats. See what some of the international students are saying about their spiritual experiences.

Heidelberg, Germany

“In Heidelberg, everyone travels on the weekends, so coming home on Sunday and having that worship time and Bible study prepares us for the week to come.” Alex Booth

Shanghai, China

“In a stimulating city like Shanghai, it can be very hard to set aside time to pray and just be with the Lord. However, it definitely encourages creativity. I’ll often go to the local parks and just take in the natural atmosphere for a recharge. Even just walking in the city opens my eyes to the different ways God is present. The key is definitely mindfulness. The second I let myself indulge in the frustrations of the city (of which there can be a lot), I lose sight of the incredible opportunity I have to be walking around in this place at this specific time in my life.” Kelly Rodriguez

“I go to the college service at a church where Korean students studying abroad gather to worship in Korean. They really make an effort to make you feel welcome.” Richard Chung

Buenos Aires, Argentina

worship team is a wonderful and dedicated team, and I think it’s because of house church being student-led that we have so many students attend every week!” Elizabeth Waters

“I always look forward to house church, because it gives me an opportunity to hear the Word presented by my friends—people who are going through many of the same trials and experiencing many of the same joys that I am. The messages are highly relevant and often personal, a testament to the quality of community that we have been blessed with and have fostered here in Argentina.” Gathenji Njoroge

“I have felt encouraged and challenged by those around me to pursue God further and deeper than before, and continue to ask questions and seek answers.” Caroline Rubach

church is one of the highlights of my week! It is such a breath of fresh air to spend time with God and be in his presence right before you start another school week.” Balee Schwalb