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Pepperdine University
Megan Huard, Managing Editor, Pepperdine Magazine

Letter from the Editor

Pepperdine Magazine is the feature magazine for Pepperdine University and its growing community of alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends.

The earliest known copy of the book of Romans has caught the attention of some very eager readers at Pepperdine University. Thanks to state-of-the-art imaging technology, a group of Seaver College students are reading a fragment’s previously illegible reverse side and bringing a new perspective to the important text.

Along with these scholars, in this issue of Pepperdine Magazine, we meet many in the Pepperdine community who are forging new ways to look at things. School of Law alumnus Monty Moran (JD ’93) shares how he shook up the fast-food model with his hands-on approach to doing business, while GSEP psychology professor Lou Cozolino reveals how understanding our brains as social organs can transform education. We’ll also see how a new program at Seaver College is changing what it’s like to be a sophomore in Malibu.

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Megan Huard Boyle