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Student Pregnancy

A pregnancy is a major life transition, often accompanied by a variety of emotions and critical decisions to be made. At Pepperdine, we are strongly committed to being a caring support system when any student becomes pregnant. Our goal is to provide resources, support, and assistance for the student to continue her studies. Although Pepperdine does not support an unmarried student's choice to engage in sexual relationships, we do support any pregnant student throughout the process. We will not pursue disciplinary action regarding the matter. If a student becomes pregnant while enrolled at Pepperdine, highly confidential and caring assistance is available through the Health and Counseling Centers, as well as other offices. Students are encouraged to contact the following individuals who are ready to provide confidential support and assistance:

La Shonda Coleman, Associate Vice President and University Title IX Coordinator   (310) 506-4436
Rebecca Roldan, Interim Director, Health Center   (310) 506-4317
Nivla Fitzpatrick, Director, Counseling Center   (310) 506-4210

 The following individuals and organizations are among those available to provide further support and assistance:

On-campus Resources:

Sara Barton, University Chaplain (310) 506-4275
Connie Horton, Vice President for Student Affairs (310) 506-6475
Andrea Harris, Senior Director, Student Administrative Services (Academics) (310) 506-6148
Kristy Collins, Dean of Enrollment Management & Associate Provost of University Financial Assistance (310) 506-4116

Off-campus Resources:

Conejo Pregnancy Center (Thousand Oaks)   (805) 373-1222
Claris Health (West Los Angeles)   (310) 268-8400
Ventura County Pregnancy Center   (805) 644-3307
Los Angeles Pregnancy Services   (213) 382-5643
For more information and links to other resources, please see Pepperdine's Health and Counseling Center Web pages.

Last Updated: July 27, 2021
Policy Contact: University Title IX Coordinator