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Faculty Emeritus Policy


Any Professor or Associate Professor, with ten or more years of full-time experience, may, at the point of retirement, apply for and be granted the honorary rank of Professor Emeritus. The Professor may choose to have his/her application supported by letters of recommendation from faculty and or from recommendations by the appropriate School's Rank, Tenure and Promotion (or Tenure) Committee. All application materials must be submitted to the Dean's office one month prior to the anticipated retirement date (July 1 for spring retirement; December 1 for fall retirement). The Dean will review the application of the candidate and forward the appropriate comments and recommendations to the Provost at least two weeks prior to the anticipated retirement date (July 15 for spring retirement, December 15 for fall retirement). The Provost, in consultation with the President, will determine whether to grant the rank of Professor Emeritus.

The minimum criteria for consideration to receive the honorary rank of Professor Emeritus are as follows:

   1. Ten years or more of full-time, professorial service within the University;

   2. Holding the rank of Associate or Full Professor upon retirement;

   3. A record of excellent service in one's field of academic specialization and within one's school and department;

   4. A record of positive moral and ethical behavior, inside and outside the University; a record of support for the University's mission;

   5. And, a desire to remain associated with the School and the University.

Once bestowed, the privileges and benefits associated with the rank of Professor Emeritus may be declined by the retired faculty member for personal reasons. The rank may also be withdrawn by the School, but only for just cause.

The University will recognize and support its Emeriti in the following ways:

   1. Special recognition at a public event at the time of retirement;

   2. Notification of retirement, and the awarding of the honorary rank of Professor Emeritus, in both internal and external media;

   3. Name listed in the school catalog;

   4. Presentation of a special medallion to be worn at future graduations, or whenever academic regalia is worn;

   5. Continued access to one's University email address;

   6. Invitations to attend public University events and functions;

   7. Continued faculty privileges such as University libraries, athletic events, and recreational activities commensurate with other full time faculty as determined by the Provost.

Program Directors, Associate Deans, Deans, and other University administrators will be encouraged to use Professors Emeriti as mentors and as a source of intellectual and moral support for members of the faculty.

Approved by the University Faculty Council: March 5, 2003
Approved by the University Faculty Council: December 17, 2003
Approved by the University Faculty Council: October 22, 2019
Approved by the University Faculty Council: April 15, 2022