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About the Office

Who We Are

The Pepperdine University Investment Office, under the direction of the Board of Trustees' Investment Committee, manages the investments of the university, notable the endowment. The Endowment fund provides financial support to all of Pepperdine's schools.

The fund distributes 5% annually as operating expenses to support scholarships, instruction, research, and other academic support.

Goal of the Office

With over $750 million under management, the Pepperdine Investment Office aims to meet the needs of current students and provide cumulative value to the future financial support of Pepperdine to support the University's mission of educating students for lives of purpose, service, and leadership. The endowment is the cornerstone to the long-term financial stability of the university.

The Pepperdine Investment Office specializes in investment management by recommending strategies and hiring and monitoring external managers. By diversifying the fund's assets to multiple asset classes, the office aims to minimize risk while achieving a market-level return.