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Pepperdine Ambassadors Council

Meet the Council Members

Andrew Cotton

Andrew Cotton is a senior from Stockton, California and is majoring in International Business. Among his many interests, Andrew enjoys travel, following the San Francisco bay area sports teams, and spending time with family and friends. Andrew's future plans involve attending Pepperdine's Graziadio School of Business, followed by law school. After that, he plans on pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities in his family's business or pursuing a career in sports arbitration. Through his service on the Council this year, Andrew would like to be able to represent what a Pepperdine student should be through genuine and sincere relationships with everyone he comes into contact with. Through PAC, Andrew is looking forward to helping foster a sense of community between Pepperdine, Malibu, and the greater Los Angeles area.

Benjamin Magos

Benjamin Magos is a senior from Escondido, California. He is majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics with a minor in Multimedia Design. He is thankful that Pepperdine University has provided him a place in which he could pursue his faith in God fully without a detriment to a high caliber education. He hopes to remain in Southern California for a time, finding a career that could balance his love for people and community with his interests in technology and problem solving. The Ambassadors Council is his way of giving back to the University that has so shaped who he is today.



Brooke Bowhay

Brooke Bowhay is a senior from Monterey, California. She is pursuing a degree in Broadcast News with a concentration in Political Science. Brooke aspires to be a producer for either a sports or news television network after she graduates. She loves surfing, serving with her sorority and working on Pepperdine's news show, Newswaves. Brooke is very excited to serve on the Pepperdine Ambassadors Council this year and cannot wait to represent the incredible student body of Pepperdine University.




Calvin McCutchen

Calvin McCutchen is a senior from Seattle, Washington and majoring in Finance. Some of his favorite activities include playing golf, photography, traveling the world, guitar, piano, and spending quality time with friends and family. After graduating, he plans to earn his CFA and pursue his ultimate goal of becoming a personal financial advisor. As a member of PAC, he hopes to build upon Pepperdine's legacy of service and excellence through developing meaningful relationships with fellow members, alumni, administration, and the greater community. He is looking forward to giving back to Pepperdine for the many blessings, relationships, and skills it has provided him. That way, future generations of Waves can enjoy even greater opportunities.

Christina Marzban

Christina Marzban is a senior from Northridge, California. She is majoring in Public Relations with an emphasis on Business Administration. Some of Christina's interests include traveling the world, cooking delicious meals, spending time at the beach, laughing loudly with her friends, and enjoying her family. Some of her future plans include a career focused in Public Relations, getting her MBA, and starting a big family. Christina is very excited to be a member of PAC in her last year at Pepperdine. She hopes to build relationships with the individuals who make Pepperdine so uniquely wonderful.



Cory Batza

Cory Batza is a senior from Valencia, California. She is majoring in Business Administration and earning a Certificate in Conflict Management/Dispute Resolution through Pepperdine's School of Law. Cory's interests include dancing, yoga, reading, traveling, photography and spending time with friends and family. After finishing her Bachelor's degree, she would like to attend law school in Southern California. As a member of PAC this year, Cory is looking forward to devoting herself as a servant leader to the University and hopes to be a model of Pepperdine's values for the Malibu community. She also hopes to serve PAC internally by fostering meaningful relationships with her peers and sharing her passion for Pepperdine's unique and powerful mission.

Evan Dean

Evan Dean is a junior from Corona del Mar, California, majoring in International Business. He plays on the Men's Volleyball Team, serves on the Waves Athletic Advisory Board, has served on the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, the Inter-Club Council, and has worked in athletics marketing & events, and weekly Chapel services as an A/V tech. Evan plans to enroll in the 5-year BS/MBA program and earn a Law School Certificate in Conflict Resolution. He enjoys ocean sports, playing guitar, traveling, hiking, and sharing time with family and friends. In the future, Evan aspires to work for an innovative company with an international focus. Through PAC, he desires to reach out to supporters of the University and the athletics community by promoting the importance of excellence in sports and academics.

JJ Brielh

JJ Breilh is a junior from Bellevue, Washington. He is currently a Business Administration major with a Marketing minor. Outside of the classroom, JJ enjoys spending time with friends, leading through Younglife outreach, finding adventures outdoors and anything to do with sports. In the near future, JJ hopes to attend Pepperdine's Graziadio School of Business and take part in the five-year MBA program. Long term, he would love to incorporate his passion of the sports business world while seeking opportunities to serve others. Through PAC, JJ would love to give back just as much as he has received while at Pepperdine by serving the University and the greater Malibu community.


Jade Brice

Jade Brice is a senior from Orange County, California. She is majoring in Organizational Communications with a minor in Nonprofit Management. Some of Jade's interests include dancing, traveling, flying helicopters, hanging out with her family, and all things Swiss. Upon graduating, Jade would love to help both nonprofit organizations and for-profit corporations integrate innovative social responsibility into their business practices, to help us move towards a more ethical world. She hopes to eventually start her own nonprofit organization, as well. Jade feels so blessed to be a member of PAC for a second year, and is looking forward to giving back to the school that has given her so much. This year, she hopes to be an accurate representation of the wonderful students Pepperdine produces and take full advantage of the many opportunities and relationships that will be offered to her through this experience.

Jeffrey Chapman


Jeffrey Chapman is a senior from Turlock, California. He is majoring in Philosophy and earning a Certificate in Conflict Management/Dispute Resolution through Pepperdine's School of Law. Some of Jeffrey's interests include faith, golf, sports, traveling, watching films, and spending time with friends and family. His passion for serving and leading others has been evident through his service as an RA for Pepperdine both abroad in Argentina, and on the Malibu campus. Jeffrey is looking forward to continuing a culture of service and leadership on the Council, as well as strengthening the ties between Pepperdine and their alumni.



Jordan Giali

Jordan Giali is a senior from Los Angeles, California, and is majoring in Economics. A few things that Jordan is passionate about are film, music, traveling, and spending quality time with friends and family. Regarding a career, he plans to work in the film industry. Jordan is especially committed to doing his part in advancing the visions of Pepperdine and further improving the wellbeing and opportunities of students. Through forming close relationships with members of the Pepperdine community, as well as those of the greater Los Angeles region, Jordan is confident he will realize his ambitions for this year.



Kali Jelen

Kali Jelen is a junior from Valencia, California majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Film Studies. Kali is passionate about film and television, performing arts, equestrian sports, and travel. After graduation, Kali plans to attend law school before working in the business side of the film industry. She is excited to have the opportunity to give back to the Pepperdine community through PAC. This year Kali would like to draw attention to Pepperdine's wonderful alumni and all they have accomplished around the world. Kali is looking forward to a wonderful year on the Council, helping to advance the mission of purpose, service, and leadership.


Katie Kern

Katie Kern is a fourth-year student from Yardley, Pennsylvania, pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Medicine. When she is not in the library studying, Katie loves running, practicing yoga and Pilates, and trying to convince her friends to take a day trip to Disneyland with her. She is also involved in research through the Sports Medicine department at Pepperdine, and serves in a leadership role in her sorority. Katie hopes that later in life, she will be able to combine her love for both science and people to glorify her Creator through the health-related fields of America. As a member of PAC, she is excited to work hard to expand the contagious warmth and purpose of Pepperdine into the Malibu community.


Keb Doak

Keb Doak is a senior from Franklin, Tennessee, majoring in Biology. He plans on pursing an academic research career in zoology and behavioral ecology. He would love to work in the African Savannah studying big cats and in the Great Barrier Reef studying marine mammals. Nothing makes Keb happier than spending quality time with friends. As a freshman, he quickly fell in love with the Pepperdine experience. This led to his work in Student Government, Housing and Residence Life and Student Activities. He plans on taking full advantage of the Pepperdine Ambassador Council by plugging into the Malibu Community.



Laura Hamilton

Laura Hamilton is a senior from Simi Valley, California. She is studying Political Science and International Studies with a minor in Spanish. Laura's time is spent building up the community at Pepperdine, working in Seaver College's Office of Admission, fostering friendships through her sorority, staying active outdoors, and reading and following the news. Upon graduation, Laura hopes to move to Washington, DC and either work on Capitol Hill as a congressional staffer or for a public policy think-tank. Laura hopes her service on PAC will allow her to demonstrate the importance of Pepperdine's mission and how it blesses students and the larger community around us.

Mallory Cummins

Mallory Cummins is a junior from Seattle, Washington. She is an Advertising major with an emphasis in Multimedia Design. Mallory's interests include hiking, photography, traveling, drinking coffee, reading extremely long novels, cooking, and spending quality time with her family and friends. After graduation she hopes to start a career that would unite photography and travel, wherever that may take her. Through her service on the Council this year, Mallory would love to promote a positive image of giving back to the University before becoming an alumnus. She is honored to be a member of PAC this year and cannot wait to serve the University, as well as the Malibu community.


Mitch Bennett

Mitch Bennett is a junior from Centennial, Colorado. He is double majoring in International Business and Economics. Mitch truly enjoys cooking and eating food. He also loves traveling, rock climbing, exploring California and time with his fraternity. After graduation, he plans to attend law school to find his true vocation so he can help others achieve their full potential. Mitch hopes to represent the excellence embodied in all of Pepperdine students as they strive to lead and serve others like Christ did. His work with Pepperdine's Campus Ministries has taught him that life is about doing good, and he is excited to do as much good as possible while on PAC.


Molly Thomas

Molly Thomas is a senior from Sterling Heights, Michigan. She is double majoring in Economics and Political Science. Some of her interests include non-fiction reading, classic films, politics, and fine dining with friends. Upon graduation, she hopes to pursue a career in personal finance. Through her time at Pepperdine, she has served as a Resident Advisor and as Director of Finance in an on-campus women's ministry, but is looking forward to fully connecting her senior year in PAC. Molly hopes that through her service on PAC, she can represent the unique values and mission of the Pepperdine student body and give back to the University she loves so dearly.


Roger Shi

Roger (Yang) Shi is a senior majoring in Organizational Psychology from Wuhu, China; he also considers Malibu his second home. Some of his interests are reading detective novels, learning new languages and cultures, playing golf and basketball, and most of all, spending time with his family and friends. Roger is planning to go to a top MBA program in the States and start his own international business to drive societal change. He is very thankful that all the relationships he has formed and the values he has learned here have prepared him to live a life of purpose. Through his service on PAC, Roger hopes to share with the rest of the community his love for Pepperdine. In his own words, "I want to give back what I am privileged to have."


Sam Lonigro

Sam Lonigro is a senior who considers Southern California her hometown. She is majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Italian. After completing her Bachelor's degree, Sam plans on attending graduate school to earn an MBA. Sam proudly considers herself a foodie and farmers market groupie. Her interests include doing yoga, traveling, spending time with loved ones and trying any sort of adventure where she can meet new people. She is grateful to be able to serve on PAC this year and is looking forward to giving back and sharing Pepperdine's genuine, caring and supportive nature with others.

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