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Student Employee of the Year


Nominate Your Student Employee

SEOTY 2021

Nominations are due by February 12, 2024. The award ceremony will take place on Friday, April 12, 2024.

With an 'under the sea' theme to set the stage, this year's award ceremony will take place on Friday, April 12 2024. Nominations close on February 12, 2024!

All students who are nominated through this form will be automatically nominated for Student Employee of the Year.  In addition to the Student Employee of the Year award, the National Student Employment Association will be recognizing a student in the following categories. Within the nomintion form, the supervisor will be able to select a category that their student has excelled in.

  Excellence in Service

The student employee lives out Pepperdine's commitment to service by providing exceptional service and care to those in need by focusing their efforts on supporting initiatives and programs that serve the Pepperdine and local Malibu and Los Angeles Communities. The student employee shows initiative towards service based programs and learning, while acting as a role model of service for the student population.

  Excellence in Leadership

The Student employee takes initiative and serves as a leader by leveraging other students' strengths to achieve common goals set by the department or office. The student employee uses effective interpersonal skills to coach and develop others, while serving as a role model. The student employee is able to assess and manage his/her emotions and those of others; by using empathetic skills to guide and motivate the team.

  Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion

The student employee understands, promotes, and supports the intersectionality of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice by valuing, respecting, and learning from diverse cultures, races, ages, genders, sexual orientations, and religions. The individual demonstrates openness, inclusiveness, sensitivity, and the ability to interact respectfully with all people and understand individuals' differences. Lastly, the student employee serves as an advocate for diverse individuals and promotes equity and inclusion for Pepperdine.

  Excellence in Technology & Innovation



What is Student Employee of the Year?

Every spring, colleges and universities around the country coordinate a selection process to choose one student employee from their campus whose outstanding contributions and achievements through their work set them apart from their peers. The hard work and dedication shown by these students exemplifies how student employment is a high-impact practice that helps to prepare students for success in their future careers and the workplace.

How the Process Works at Pepperdine

Starting with a nomination by the student's supervisor, all applications are accepted and then analyzed by a selection committee. After narrowing down the applications to a final group of five, the committee then votes on who should be the recipient of the "Pepperdine Student Employee of the Year," honor. After a decision is reached, the honor of this award is bestowed upon the chosen student and their work celebrated during National Student Employment Week. All nominees and their supervisor will be invited to the Pepperdine Annual Student Employment Award Ceremony where the winners will be announced. Each year, the Office of Student Employment choses a theme to set the stage. This year's theme is 'under the sea' because our student employees are fin-tastic!

Please note: undergraduate student employees and graduate student employees can be nominated for Student Employee of the Year.

The Pepperdine Student Employee of the Year will also move onto the National Student Employment Association (NSEA's) selection process for a chance to be named the National Student Employee of the Year.  Additionally, NSEA Board Members will choose winners of each category: Community Service, Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership, Technology & Innovation.  NSEA will award each winner with $300, with the overall SEOTY receiving an additional $300.

Reasons to Nominate Your Student Employees:
  1. Being nominated is a great resume-builder for students.
  2. All Pepperdine nominees and their supervisor are invited to a Pepperdine awards ceremony to celebrate their accomplishments.
  3. All nominees will be placed our Pepperdine's Student Employment website and will receive a nomination certificate.
  4. Winners will be featured on the Pepperdine's Student Employment website, Newsletter, and Social Media accounts. Winner will also receive a Student Employee of the Year certificate and letter from the Vice President of Student Affairs.
  5. NSEA Board Members will choose the overall SEOTY from the five winners of each category. Each winner will receive $300, with the overall SEOTY receiving an additional $300. Each runner-up in the five (5) categories will receive $100
  6. The NSEA winners receive recognition on National Student Employment's website.

Supervisors are encouraged to nominate their student employee from their office for Student Employee of the Year who they feel deserve recognition for their job performance. Submissions for this honor are due by February 12, 2024 since National has an early deadline.

View the 2022 Nominees

For questions on how to nominate, please contact tess.marme@pepperdine.edu.

Meet Some Past Student Employee Nominees