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Pepperdine University

Charles B. Runnels Youth Citizenship Seminar

For Southern California High School Student Leaders Completing Their Junior Year

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47th Annual Youth Citizenship Seminar

June 23—27, 2024

The Youth Citizenship Seminar (YCS) is a five-day program designed to stir new interest and even greater passion and understanding for this country. Through inspiring presentations, interactive workshops, unique breakout sessions, and one-on-one communication with world-renowned speakers and leaders from all walks of life, we hope to assist today's young men and women in becoming better acquainted with America and motivate them to a more compelling expression of pride in this country. Additionally, YCS offers a unique opportunity for personal growth. Students return home with a renewed sense of purpose and an understanding of how to put their dreams into action.

It is vital that today's young people be afforded every opportunity to become more aware of our country's heritage and its economic, political, and cultural principles. These principles have granted the United States the highest standard of living and the greatest personal freedoms the world has ever known. Forty-five years of YCS history have proven that this experience deeply affects the lives of the students selected to attend. We are pleased to be able to provide the seminar again this year, with fully funded scholarships, as we validate our young people—the future leaders of America

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