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Youth Citizenship Seminar FAQs

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 Q: Where will the Youth Citizenship Seminar (YCS) be held?

A: YCS will take place on the beautiful Malibu campus of Pepperdine University: 24255 Pacific Coast Highway / Malibu, CA 90263.

 Q: Where will I be living?

A: Students will be living in the single-sex student dormitories on campus. There will be counselor supervisors in each dorm to insure their safety.

 Q: What should I pack to wear each day?

A: A dress code will be strictly enforced. Students will be attending seminar sessions each of the five days, and the best way to show respect to our sponsors and guest speakers is to dress appropriately. YCS counselors will be wearing nice-casual attire each day; you should plan to do the same: sundresses, skirts, pants, nice walking shorts, collared shirts, blue jeans in good condition.
Unacceptable clothing: short shorts, t-shirts with logos, cropped-tops, "gang looking" apparel.
Note: Any type of casual clothes is acceptable for your evening free time; including the dance and the talent show.

 Q: What should I be wearing when I arrive?

A: We recommend wearing the seminar clothes that you plan on wearing for the day (vs. free-time clothes). There is no guarantee your suitcase will arrive in your room prior to your first meeting. We do our best, but we would hate for you to not be dressed accordingly.

 Q: Where should I go when I arrive on campus for Registration?

A: Enter the Malibu campus through either the Pacific Coast Highway entrance or the Malibu Canyon Road entrance. The security guard on duty will direct you to the registration site in Smothers Theatre parking lot. You can also refer to the campus map.

 Q: Can I drive myself to campus?

A: Yes, but your car will remain parked in a designated student parking lot all week. No one is permitted to leave campus for any reason once the seminar begins.

 Q: When will YCS begin?

A: YCS begins Sunday morning, June 18th. Registration is between 7:30 AM – 8:30 AM. Please eat breakfast before you arrive. Your meal plan does not begin until lunch.

 Q: When will YCS be over?

A: YCS will conclude after the Closing Banquet on Thursday night June 22, at approximately 8:30 PM (NOT BEFORE).

 Q: If I have a conflict with the registration or departure time will that be a problem?

A: There will be NO exceptions to these arrival and departure times.

 Q: Tell me more about the Closing Banquet.

A: Closing Banquet is the wonderfully memorable final event of the week, designed for the students and their parents/guardians. Every student is required to attend Closing Banquet, and may invite up to 2 guests (parents/guardians) to join them at a cost of $30 per guest. Parents and guardians are strongly urged to attend. It is truly a special and meaningful event. The dress for the evening is Business/Dinner attire: Coat and Tie, Dresses and Pantsuits.

 Q: When and where will my family meet me on Thursday evening?

A: Family will meet students between 5:15 - 6:00 at the Firestone Fieldhouse parking lot. Once you gather their luggage, dinner will be held inside the gymnasium. The Fieldhouse can be located on this online map of campus, or they may ask the guard at the gate upon arriving. Guests should plan travel-time around Thursday afternoon traffic. If they do not arrive before Banquet begins, they will meet you and your belongings inside the Fieldhouse.

 Q: What kind of food will we be offered?

A: All meals, lunch Sunday through dinner Thursday, will be provided by the campus cafeteria. ALL dietary needs and restrictions are accounted for: dairy free, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, etc. You may bring snacks to enjoy throughout the week, but please note that there will NOT be a fridge or microwave in your dorm.

 Q: What will my room on campus be like? What do I need to bring?

A: You will be living in Pepperdine's single-sex dormitories; 2 students to a room, and 4 rooms to a suite. There will be approximately 40 students in each dorm. This is not a hotel, so you must bring everything you need including: · sheets or sleeping bag · pillow · towel · soap · shampoo · hair dryer · hangers · alarm clock, etc.

 Q: Will there be telephones in my dorm room to call home or receive messages?

A: No - there are no phones in the dorm rooms. Please note: Messages can be left for students 24 hours a day at the YCS Office (310) 506-6073. Please let your family and friends know that you will have very little time to return messages from home. Parents, your student is in good hands and will be extremely busy, so it is typical to not receive daily calls.

 Q: What about cell phones?

A: We cannot tell you not to bring your cell phone, but we will ask that you respectfully turn it off and tuck it away until free time. Please note: cell reception in Malibu may be unpredictable, and can vary by carrier.

 Q: How can I be reached in an emergency?

A: In case of emergency, your parents/guardian should call the YCS Office, (310) 506-6073. After hours, they should reach out to Pepperdine Public Safety, (310) 506-4700. A designated individual on our staff can locate you 24 hours a day.

 Q: Who pays for the seminar?

A: All fixed costs have been provided for you by the generosity of independent sponsors throughout the country; businesses, foundations, individuals and service organizations. Travel related expenses to and from campus, and miscellaneous "spending money," are your responsibility.

 Q: How much money should I bring with me?

A: No additional money is required. If you would like to bring money to buy things at the bookstore or from vending machines, we suggest that you bring no more than you can afford to lose.

 Q: Can my friends and/or family come visit me during the week?

A: No, there will be no opportunity for you to entertain visitors.

 Q: What if I have no way of getting to and from YCS?

A: If you are having trouble finding transportation, or need to carpool, the YCS Office will try and share names and phone numbers of participating students in your general area. It will be your responsibility to follow-up with them.

 Q: What if I am unable to attend YCS?

A: If you find that you are unable to attend YCS, you should contact the YCS Office immediately, (310) 506-6073. Please know that you are our first choice; there is no guarantee that another student from your school will be asked to replace you. Furthermore, if you drop out, your school may be required to wait-out a year before being invited to participate again. This is a very valuable opportunity you and your school have been offered; we hope you value it as such.

 Q: Who should I contact with additional questions?

A: Please call (310) 506-6073 or email YCS@Pepperdine.edu.
Note: If a parent or student has personal concerns, of any kind, please don't hesitate to call this number and ask to speak to the Seminar Director, Susan.