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CVC House Rules

1.  Dues

All fees assessed against the individual homeowners by the Homeowners Association or Pepperdine University shall be due and payable on the first day of each month. Delinquent payments shall be subject to a late penalty and/or other remedies set forth in the Bylaws or the CC&Rs.

2. Damage

Damage done to common property (e.g., lighting, landscaping, pool furniture) shall be the financial responsibility of the homeowner who caused the damage. The homeowner shall be responsible for damage done by his/her children, pets, visitors and renters/lessees.

3. Patio/outside storage

Plants, patio furniture, barbecue equipment and other related items may be kept on patios or balconies. However all other personal property shall be stored inside each homeowner's unit. No clothes, sheets, or laundry of any kind shall be hung out or exposed on any part of the common area or any balconies or porches. No materials, including garbage cans, shall be stored outside the garages, in the entrances to the individual condominiums, or elsewhere in the common areas.

4. Parking/speed/car maintenance

Homeowners may park cars in their driveways immediately adjacent to their garages, provided there is sufficient clearance from the street/sidewalk and it allows for sufficient passage on the pad (i.e., 20 feet of clearance). Homeowners are to avoid parking which blocks easy entrance to and exit from their neighbors' garages. For fire safety reasons, no other parking on the pad is permitted (except designated parking spaces on S Pad).

It is the homeowner's responsibility to inform visitors of acceptable parking locations. Visitors are to park on the street. As a courtesy, no unit on the S Pad should occupy more than one designated parking space at a time for themselves or visitors.

Parking which interrupts trash disposal or removal is prohibited. Recreational vehicles must be stored or parked only in areas designed for such use (contact Public Safety.)

The speed limit on Baxter Drive is 20 MPH.

Homeowners must be careful to prevent oil or similar substances from dripping on the driveways or discoloring common area property. Major automotive repairs on the premises are expressly prohibited.

All vehicles parked in common use parking areas (i.e., Baxter Drive, Tiner Court, pad parking spots, visitor parking) must not be parked for more than a period of two weeks. If temporary storage is needed for a homeowner vehicle, contact Public Safety and they will direct you to a temporary parking area other than Baxter Drive for your vehicle until permanent storage can be found. There is to be no vehicle storage on Baxter Drive or Tiner Court.

Each pad is given the flexibility to establish their own "on pad" parking policy regarding homeowners and visitors, pending approval of the Campus View Homeowners Association Board.

5. Noise

Homeowners shall not make, or permit to be made, on their premises any unreasonably loud or disturbing noises or sounds, and shall not engage in any conduct or activities which would unreasonably interfere with the rights of the other homeowners to the peaceful use and enjoyment of their homes and the common areas. Homeowners should be particularly considerate in the noise level of stereos.

6. Pets

Common household pets are permitted to be kept in the condominiums so long as they do not become a nuisance to other homeowners. Pets shall be kept inside the owner's home at all times except for necessary airing and exercise. When they are outside the home, pets must be on a leash and attended at all times. Pet owners shall be responsible for cleaning up after their pets. Pets are not allowed in the park or planted areas. Habitual barking, whining or other such pet noises are cause for having the pet removed from the condominiums.

7. Children/guests

Homeowners are responsible for the behavior of their children and guests in the common area. Young children shall be supervised by their parents at all times. BB guns and similar equipment are prohibited anywhere in the complex.

8. Pool/spa/park

According to Board policy, children under 14 years of age are to be supervised by someone 18 years or older in the pool/spa/park areas. Parents who permit their children 14 years and older to be in the pool/spa/park areas unsupervised are responsible for any risks involved.

9. Trash

All trash and debris must be placed only in the containers provided for that purpose. Homeowners are requested to breakdown boxes and other large items due to limited space in the dumpsters. Homeowners will be charged for the cost of cleaning up all trash and litter permitted by their carelessness or negligence.

10. Privacy/consideration

Due to the openness of the view side of the condominiums, it is important that each homeowners respect the privacy of all other homeowners. Therefore, homeowners and their families should utilize on the common areas in front of the condominiums and the areas immediately adjacent to their own homes. Where greater privacy is desired, homeowners may use plants or shrubs as long as there is no significant impairment of their neighbors' views. Where fences are desired for the safety or children or otherwise, they may be permitted only upon the Homeowners Association's prior approval of type and location.

11. Structural Alterations

No changes shall be made to the exterior of the condominiums without prior written consent of the Homeowners Association. Structural alterations shall not be made to the interior of the condominiums without prior written consent of the Homeowners Association. Structural alterations include, but are not limited to, changes which are controlled by building codes, threaten structural integrity, create sound transmission problems, or adversely affect marketability. Normal interior decorating is not considered a structural alteration.

12. Renters/Lessees

Renters are those who rent a room or portion of the unit during the homeowner's presence. Lessees are those who lease the unit during the homeowner's absence. Homeowners are required to register renters or lessees with the Homeowners Association (contact management company for form). Renters are not to park on the pad areas. Due to the community water supply in the complex, renters are not to wash their cars. Renters are to use the pool/spa facilities on campus (assuming eligibility) rather than in the condo park area. Renters and lessees are expected to abide by the House Rules.

13. Enforcement

Failure of the Homeowners Association to enforce the foregoing House Rules shall not constitute a waiver of its right to enforce such rules or regulation later or in other instances, either against the same or any other homeowner. The Homeowners Board encourages homeowners to discuss violations or resolve problems, especially those of a minor nature, directly with other homeowners. If these matters are not successfully resolved, than a report to the board is appropriate. The Homeowners Association shall have full and complete discretion, to enforce such rules or regulations in the manner which it deems appropriate and equitable.

14. Modifications to Rules

Changes can be made in the foregoing House Rules only by a vote of owners of two-thirds of the condominiums.

NOTICE: In the event of conflict between these House Rules and the Bylaws or Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, the Bylaws or Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions shall prevail.