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Employee Home Financing Programs

Lending Products for Eligible Faculty and Staff

Real Estate Operations delivers and manages housing assistance programs for the recruitment and retention of faculty and staff in support of Pepperdine University's mission. We strive to maintain superior customer satisfaction by providing timely, accurate and cost-effective mortgage products, researching new product alternatives to continually improve our service.

Loan Programs

Pepperdine University Home Loan Program (PUHLP) provided by Participant Lender

Provides purchase money financing from approved Participant Lender to qualified University faculty and staff members for the purchase of a condominium on the University's Malibu campus. The loan is guaranteed by the university with restrictions.

The home loan from Participant Lender, currently University Credit Union, provides the first deed of trust fixed rate loans with up to 30-year terms at a maximum amount of 80 percent of value. In some cases, the University may also approve an adjustable interest rate loan pursuant to Participant Lender's standard lending offering materials. Eligibility is generally restricted to qualified applicants who are purchasing a home in the Malibu campus. As an incentive for the Participant Lender to participate in and provide attractive financing programs, the University has agreed to guaranty each loan made under the program. Refinancing is allowed once every three years according to guidelines.

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Pepperdine University Financing Program (PUFP)

Contingent Interest Loan

Provides secondary trust deed financing assistance to recruited faculty and staff in the purchase of suitable housing in the vicinity of or on the University's campuses and educational centers. Loan featuring low fixed interest coupled with interest based on the net appreciated value of the property.

The Contingent Interest Loan provides a second deed of trust loans. The loan shall not be used as the escrow deposit, down payment or payment for closing costs. The loan features two interest components: (a) Fixed Interest rate on the unpaid principal sum; and (b) Contingent Interest on the Net Appreciated Value of Residence (rate equal to the 11th District Cost of Funds Index rate then publicly announced and made available by the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco as of the calendar month preceding the date of the loan. Designed to assist recruited faculty and staff in financing the purchase of suitable housing in the vicinity of or on the University campuses and educational centers. The academic or administrative department employing the Borrower shall be responsible for the budgetary resources required.

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Deferred Interest Loan -Awaiting approval


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