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Housing Accommodations

Requesting Accommodations

Students that have a disability that affects housing needs need to register with Student Accessibility so that they can work with the office to explore the possibilities. They will need to be attentive to the deadlines posted by the Housing & Residence Life office for requesting accommodations and note that housing accommodations are based on availability. 

Documentation regarding housing accommodations should include the information found on the Housing Accommodation Disability Verification Form.

Housing Accommodation Requests Policies and FAQs


Please contact the Office of Student Accessibility (student.accessibility@pepperdine.edu) by the following deadlines:

New students

Fall admits: June 1

Spring admits: December 5

Returning students

Fall returners: February 1 – Renewals for currently approved housing accommodations and returning students with new requests must be submitted to the Office of Student Accessibility and HRL.  The Housing and Residence Life office in connection with the Office of Student Accessibility will contact students who have previously been approved for housing accommodations during the spring semester to confirm renewal of accommodations for the upcoming academic school year.

Spring returners: November 1 - Students returning from study abroad programs and students returning from fall temporary withdrawals.   Students residing on-campus for the fall do not need to resubmit documentation for the spring.


  1. Late requests will not be considered until after the housing assignment process is complete.
  2. If a student requested reasonable accommodation but turns down the opportunity to live in a space that meets their approved need, the student must participate in the regular housing selection process.
  3. Any new requests from the student must be reviewed by the Office of Student Accessibility.

updated 10.27.2022