AWP staff members - Pepperdine University

AWP looks to tomorrow with great hope and expectation. The need is greater than ever with rising educational costs. We invite you to become a member, along with the other 1,500 dedicated women and men with a common goal of helping Christian young people who seek to take advantage of Pepperdine's superior training.

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Membership Levels

Annual Membership: $50 ($10 for students) annually

Wave Member: Cumulative AWP gifts of $250 or more

Patron Member: Cumulative AWP gifts of $500 or more

Helen Pepperdine Member: Cumulative AWP gifts of $1,000 or more

George Pepperdine Fellow:  Cumulative AWP gifts of $1,000 or more

Helen M. Young Member: Cumulative AWP gifts of $5,000 or more

M. Norvel Young Member:  Cumulative AWP gifts of $5,000 or more

Legacy Member: Cumulative AWP gifts of $10,000 or more

A one-time membership contribution of $1,000 or more entitles you to participate for one year in the Pepperdine Associates program with all its benefits, including the annual Associates Dinner.

Get Involved

Participate in your local AWP district

At present, we have 36 Districts representing 1,800 members! From Bakersfield's soup kitchen to Long Beach's care packages, our devoted members continue to find creative ways to fund scholarships for Church of Christ students.


Whether it's serving pie at the annual Pepperdine Bible Lectures, pricing items for the Fall Festival, or writing notes to our new AWP students, there's always something to do. 

Serve on the National Board

We couldn't run the AWP without the help of our invaluable volunteer Board! Leadership positions are held for a minimum of one year for a variety of roles.

Call (310) 506-4567 for more information