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PLP Fundraisers


The Pepperdine Legacy Partners (PLP) hosts fundraising events throughout the year to help fund the Helen Young and Andy & Debby Benton scholarships that support students from the Churches of Christ heritage desiring to attend Pepperdine.



PEPPERDINE GIVES DAY: This year on October 4, 2023 we are aiming to raise $65,000 to expand our endowment but don't forget you can give year round. Join us for Pepperdine Gives!

JULIAN PIE SALE: Do you love pie? Thinking about what to do for Thanksgiving? Last year we treated our Pepperdine community (faculty and staff) to the option of purchasing a pie from the award winning Julian Pie Company to help support the PLP scholarship funds. It was such a huge success that we are offering it again this year! To participate in this fundraiser, you must work or live on the Pepperdine campus in Malibu or Calabasas. 




Student Testimonials

Watch videos to hear messages from Pepperdine students.


Read heartfelt comments from scholarship recipients.

"My time at Pepperdine has only strengthened my desire to go into the medical mission field, as a physical and spiritual caretaker. The goal to develop a life of purpose, service, and leadership has been very much prevalent in the interactions that I have with my mentors-all of whom have significantly influenced me. Without this scholarship, my education at Pepperdine would not be possible, so for this, I am thankful."
- Josh

"I am also extremely thankful for the PLP members who have given me so much support throughout my time at Pepperdine. I have enjoyed meeting with my prayer partners as well as receiving heartfelt emails from them letting me know they are thinking about me and praying for me. It has been a huge blessing to be part of such a wonderful organization full of Christ-filled people who care and love so deeply. Thank you so much for your financial, spiritual and personal support."
- Gabrielle

"The most sacred aspect of Pepperdine is not its physical location. Instead, it is the people that I have the privilege of knowing and loving. A pandemic cannot change that. . .  I never imagined that California would feel like home, but as I enter into my senior year, that is exactly the case."
- Caroline

"Thank you also for continuing to inspire me to stay close to and explore my faith because it's been a safe place where I feel close to others, myself, and God while being away from family and friends for the first time in my life."
- Skylar

"I am beyond grateful for the Pepperdine community for teaching me, loving me, and supporting me as I grow in my relationship to God, and cannot express how thankful I am that PLP allows me to experience that."
- Julia

"I am deeply appreciative to the PLP Scholarship Committee and to the community it has connected me to at Pepperdine. It has been a joy to walk with my fellow Helen Young Scholars and the wonderful PLP staff during the past three years. I am thankful for the support, mentoring, and encouragement I have received from this organization, and I cannot imagine my experience at Pepperdine without PLP."
- Joel

"Thank you so much for contributing to the furthering of my education and faith journey. Pepperdine's community of mentors and spiritual leaders is something I never plan to take for granted, and I hope to be able to honor the support you have given me."
- Annie

"As a member of the Pepperdine Symphony, the Helen Young Scholarship quite literally helps me accomplish all three of my personal 'keys to happiness.' Your generosity, steadiness, faith, and consistent drive to lead a life through Him has always uplifted me during troubling times. However, even more than that, you have all allowed me the opportunity to study, make music, and worship at a University that I only ever dreamed of attending."
- Victoria

"I am so grateful for the great support and love I received through PLP during my first year at Pepperdine from much-cherished prayer time with Claudette to the multiple events put on by PLP."
- Tamia

"I cannot wait to meet as many students and faculty as possible and form strong relationships with them that I'm sure will be lifelong. I feel so blessed to be able to attend a world-class school with a beautiful campus, and in an environment that encourages my Christian values. I can't wait for what Pepperdine has to offer me, and thank you for making my education more affordable."
- Jackie

"The churches of Christ have given me such a solid foundation and have continued to be incredibly formative in my faith, and it is an honor to receive a scholarship that encourages me to keep growing among the Church of Christ community."
- Jenn

"I know that the diversity that Malibu offers will help me grow in my faith and in God's love. My family has always been incredibly supportive and loving in all I do. It is such an incredible relief to know that I have another supportive family with the Helen Young Scholarship who will support and love me just as my family back home does."
- Hunter

"Pepperdine has provided me with such a unique opportunity of blending my passions for performance and science with Christian ideals. And while I'm still not sure what my plan is for the future, I know that Pepperdine will allow me to cultivate knowledge and experience, and also connect me with mentors who will guide me along this process."
- Chloe

"Thank you also for continuing to inspire me to stay close to and explore my faith because it's been a safe place where I feel close to others, myself, and God while being away from family and friends for the first time in my life."
- Skylar

"I am particularly looking forward to being part of a church and small groups at Pepperdine. I know that being surrounded by and learning from other believers will be the most important part of my next four years. God will use these experiences and people to shape me into the person He wants me to be."
- Drake

"I have found great community in my sorority and in many of the other Helen Young Scholars. . . . Pepperdine is a very special and important place to me and your contribution to the scholarship has made it possible for me to attend my dream school. . . . . Pepperdine has given me a community of people who lead me toward Christ, and who love and support me like a family. I am looking forward to continuing to build these relationships and leaning on each other during this difficult time."
- Emma