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Welcome to Disability Services

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Welcome to Pepperdine University and the Disability Services Office (DSO)

We are glad you have found your way to the Disability Services site. Please make yourself at home and feel free to explore our services. We hope that you will find information to answer your questions as you inquire into disability access at Pepperdine University. 

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) along with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act were enacted to provide a clear and comprehensive mandate for the elimination of discrimination against individuals with disabilities. In compliance with these laws, the Disability Services Office at Pepperdine University is dedicated to maintaining an environment that guarantees students with disabilities full access to its educational programs, activities, and facilities.

Our office seeks to accommodate students with documented disabilities to allow them equal standing in educational endeavors. Accommodations are designed to level the playing field for students with disabilities, while maintaining the integrity and standards of our academic programs. All services through the DSO are kept strictly confidential.

We look forward to working with you. 


Meet our Staff 

Amanda Kopang, Office Administrator

Amanda Kopang, Office Administrator

B.A. Telecommunications-Production, Pepperdine University

What I do: I help create a welcoming environment for students when they come to use our services, whether that is to take an exam or inquire about how we can help make their educational journey a success. I assist with scheduling, communication, and the day to day tasks that help students achieve their educational goals.

Why I do it: I love seeing people realize their full potential, whether it is a big milestone they have overcome or even the daily successes they achieve. Life is exploration, and it is so much better when we are all supporting each other as we journey through it. We can learn from everyone we meet, and that is what I try to do everyday.


Kellie Kamimoto - Pepperdine University
Kellie Kamimoto, Administrative Services Coordinator
B.A. English Literature, Pepperdine University
What I do:
I do the logistics behind accommodations for students registered with our office. This includes coordinating note taking services, scheduling and proctoring exams, and generally providing administrative support to students as they navigate the challenges of university life.
Why I do it:
I really enjoy hearing students' stories – their aspirations, goals, and the ways in which they hope to tangibly affect the world. I feel a part of their journey as I assist them in achieving their goals through the services offered in DSO.


Jennifer Duck Baker - Pepperdine University

Jennifer Duck Baker, Assistant Director
B.A. Audiology, University of Tennessee
M.Ed. Special Education, Severe/Profound Disabilities, University of Southern Mississippi

What I do:
I work with students and professors to make the university accessible to everyone. Specifically, I work with disabled students to determine the accommodations needed in order to access the academics and environments. I work with professors, staff and administrators to implement accommodations and to create a more accessible environment throughout the university.

Why I do it:
I like connecting with people. I like working to understand new ways of thinking about people and environments. I like discovering new ideas about what disability is and what it means.


Sandra Harrison - Pepperdine University

Sandra Harrison, Director
B.A. English Literature and Communications, Mary Baldwin College
M.S. Management and Leadership, Pepperdine University
What I do:
I oversee the work of DSO as we seek to make education accessible at Pepperdine. This means I get to work with students, faculty, and staff from all five schools as we remove barriers presented by physical structures, course design, or tradition to create accessibility for all. We find ways for students to both learn and reflect that learning by reducing the impact of disabilities.
Why I do it:
I enjoy being part of the process where students with disabilities get to experience all that Pepperdine has to offer. The faculty and staff I work with are fantastic—dedicated to the University mission and committed to students. I love watching students grow in ability to talk about their disabilities and articulate what they need. 


We hope that your experience of navigating our website is user-friendly. If you find it less than helpful, please let us know by contacting DSO@Pepperdine.edu