Investing in the Future of Pepperdine

Pepperdine Associates wordmark - Pepperdine UniversityPepperdine Associates enable a wide range of important programs and activities through their annual gifts. These programs are vital to all that Pepperdine is today and will be tomorrow.

Through their contributions Associates strengthen academic programs, enhance library and technology services, and attract distinguished faculty. Most importantly, they provide much needed financial assistance to students.

Students are the principal beneficiaries of the Associates program, which provides essential and ongoing scholarship and financial aid funds. Approximately 75 percent of Pepperdine students receive aid, but even those who do not are assisted by our donors, as full tuition covers only two-thirds of a Pepperdine education.

When George Pepperdine founded the University in 1937, he envisioned thousands of alumni having an impact on the world, leading through work based in faith and values. Pepperdine Associates help fulfill that dream.