Human Resources - Frequently Asked Questions

We've found that those seeking employment have a few questions about what it's like to work at Pepperdine. We gladly offer these frequently asked questions, and, if you don't see your particular question, please feel free to contact our office.

What benefits are offered?

Pepperdine prides itself on offering its employees a very competitive benefits package. For full-time employees, benefits include medical, dental, life, tuition remission, retirement, and more. Learn more about our benefits programs online or by contacting our office.

How soon after being hired do benefits go into effect?

Full benefits commence on the first of the month following the first day of employment. If hired to start on the first of a given month, benefits commence immediately. (There are some exceptions; please contact our office for more information.)

How often are raises given?

An employee may be considered for a "performance" salary increase anytime, though it is customary at Pepperdine to grant such increases at the beginning of the fiscal year (August 1).

May I send my resume to be kept on file until a position that fits me opens up?

All applications and resumes are managed online at the Pepperdine Jobs Web site. You may fill out an application, keep it online, and update it periodically until you find a job posting that is of interest to you. You cannot, however, attach a resume until you apply for a specific job.

How do I find out about openings for staff and faculty positions?

The Pepperdine Jobs Web site is regularly updated with all employment availabilities. You can either browse job listings or search based on specific criteria. Faculty employment is managed by each of our five schools.

How often are new jobs listed?

New jobs can be posted at any time. Visit the Pepperdine Jobs Web site and click on the link entitled "Search Postings". To see the newest postings, sort the results in the "Job Open Date" by clicking on the arrow next to the title of that column.

What types of professional development does Pepperdine offer?

Human Resources hosts regular classes that focus on topics such as problem solving, technical skill enhancement, practical administrative support, informational sessions, supervisor training, and more. For a more complete description and scheduling information, contact our office.

How does Pepperdine contribute to the overall wellness of its employees?

Pepperdine offers a comprehensive Wellness Program, which includes many resources for employees: from nutrition advice to discounted exercise classes to seasonal health services.