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Stories and Testimonials

Pepperdine is a great place to live and work, but don't take our word for it. We've gathered these stories from people around the University. Read their stories, and contact them if you'd like!

We'd be happy to connect you to someone in your area of interest. If you'd like to talk to someone about working at Pepperdine, please contact us.

Lisa Welch - Pepperdine University

Lisa Welch
Senior Director and University Data Officer

"I can’t imagine going somewhere else and finding the sense of family I feel here."

Read more about Lisa's personal story of the Pepperdine community supporting her in a moment of need.

Hung Le - Pepperdine University

Hung Le
Senior Vice Chancellor

"Be prepared to have your life changed by Pepperdine.  It’s a great workplace, but it can be much more than that."

Read more about how the Pepperdine on-campus community has impacted Hung's family.

Frank Villasenor - Pepperdine University

Frank Villasenor
Training and Inspection Manager

"It’s a dream job. Pepperdine gives you the ability to have a balanced life."

Read more about Frank's more than 28 years of experience and the work Pepperdine does for his employees (or read it in Spanish).