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Hung Le

Senior Vice Chancellor

Hung Le is as “Pepperdine” as they come.  He graduated in 1987.  Was married in the chapel.  Moved onto campus in 1993.  He attends church on campus.  He, his wife, and four sons are intimately involved in the on-campus community of students, faculty, and staff. 

But more than that, Hung, the senior vice chancellor, for alumni affairs is a living embodiment of Pepperdine's mission statement: “Freely ye received, freely give.”

Hung Le

He recalls, “I thought I came to Pepperdine to get an education, but God had a bigger plan.”  As a student, Hung’s parents and siblings were in Vietnam, but he says that “when people heard about our story, they organized letter-writing campaigns to bring them to the U.S. – students, faculty members, board members.  Everyone.”

It was a dream fulfilled when his parents were able to come to California from Vietnam in 1991. “We were overwhelmed by the love and support that was given to us,” Hung says, “I owe so much to the people here.  I often use the term ‘family,’ and I don’t use that term lightly.”

To Hung, life at Pepperdine is about more than just work: “God doesn’t put you somewhere for a small purpose.  I find that it’s usually much bigger.”

So, when given the opportunity to move onto Pepperdine’s Malibu campus, Hung and Corinne moved quickly.  He explains, “We really wanted to connect with students and our church and welcome people into our house. That’s the purpose of our home.”

Generations of students have benefited from the Le’s open home, as well as his own children.  Hung follows, “Our boys think it’s normal to walk out their front door and find a cadre of friends, and adults who love them and have helped raise them.  They’re really blessed.”

When asked what he’d say to someone considering coming to work at Pepperdine, Hung simply and sincerely states, “Be prepared to have your life changed by Pepperdine.  It’s a great workplace, but it can be much more than that.  My prayer is for everyone that comes to Pepperdine is that this becomes ‘holy ground’ for them—there’s a great purpose for them here.”

It’s a purpose he and his family have fully embraced, to great benefit of all those that follow.

You can reach Hung via email at hung.le@pepperdine.edu.

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