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Letters From Former AWP Scholarship Recipients

Breton Phillips

(excerpts from his speech delivered to the AWP Board on March 15, 2001)

"Pepperdine, Pepperdine, Pepperdine. There's just something about the name; a great name for a great place. What makes Pepperdine great? God and his people at work here.

You, Associated Women for Pepperdine, are giving many students from the churches of Christ, including myself, the opportunity to build on our 'foundation of Christian character' here at this wonderful university. From 1958 when AWP was formed, students have been receiving your aid and now the number receiving aid exceeds 400 annually. I'm encouraged by your effort and am greatly thankful for your work of faith.

I grew up in Santa Barbara, California while attending the Turnpike Road Church of Christ. My walk with the Lord started there when I was asked at age 3 who made the birds and the bees. Ten years later I confessed my faith to the whole congregation and took Christ on in baptism. Then the day came when I learned that I would be following in my mom's and sister's steps by attending school at Pepperdine University.

Since my first week at Seaver College I have been devoted to the Malibu Church of Christ not only by attending church...but also by going on such service activities as San Felipe mission and meeting with other students in a small group Bible Study. This year, as a Sophomore I am serving as the Student Body Spiritual Life Chair for the Student Government Association.

I believe serving God in the ways that he has gifted me is my number one priority. I thank you for giving students like myself the opportunity to serve God at Pepperdine University. As the Master says in Matthew 25:21 "So I say to you, well done good and faithful servant."

Laury Royse

How time flies! Three years ago when I stepped onto the Pepperdine campus all the way from Fort Worth, Texas, I never could have imagined what my life would be like now - how much I would grow, learn and become. In a little over five months I will graduate from Pepperdine University full of knowledge, strength and a stronger faith. Thanks to women and men like you who help make Christian education available to people like me, I can say that I have had a wonderful college education as well as a faith-building experience.

My time at Pepperdine has been full and rewarding. I am an active part of the Malibu Church of Christ and the Campus Ministry. My most rewarding experience was working in Osaka, Japan with the Let's Start Talking program, where I spent six weeks last summer conversing with people over lessons from the Gospel of Luke. I have learned to share Jesus and myself through that experience and in the unique atmosphere that Pepperdine provides.

I feel God has used me here in many ways. Thank you for helping to make my education at Pepperdine financially possible. You can never know what the good work you do means to the Christian students here. When I leave here in the spring, Pepperdine and its people will forever have a special place in my heart.