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Pepperdine University

Athletic Facilities

Pepperdine's athletic facilities include a gymnasium, which can accommodate 3,500 (fixed seating) to 5,000 (using folding chairs) people; 19 lighted tennis courts, a baseball stadium that can accommodate 2,200 people; an Olympic-sized swimming pool (used for the water polo competitions during the 1984 Olympics); and an all-weather synthetic track.  Many guests enjoy walking in our Alumni Park, which overlooks the Pacific Ocean and offers a respite from a full day of meetings.



Firestone fieldhouse building exterior

Firestone Fieldhouse (gymnasium)

The Firestone Fieldhouse was dedicated in 1975. It is a multipurpose athletic facility, accommodating volleyball, basketball, and other athletic events.

Firestone Fieldhouse is also used as a meeting place (when folding chairs are placed on the court), seating up to 5,000 for concerts, graduations, and lectures. Normal seating runs along two sides of the arena with retractable bleachers below seating up to 1,800 (900 per side) and fixed seating up to 1,250 (625 per side).

The original versa turf rubber surface was replaced in the summer of 1992 with a wood floor.

The Firestone Fieldhouse is the only gymnasium on the campus that serves not only as the location for the undergraduate P.E. classes, the men's and women's varsity basketball and volleyball games and practices, but also the many Sports Camps held in the summer. Because of this, its availability is quite limited for other uses.



Runnels swimming pool

Runnels Swimming Pool

The Raleigh Runnels Memorial Pool has gained prominence and fame as one of the premier aquatic centers of the world. It was the site of the 1984 Olympic Games water polo competition.

Opened for use in 1975, the Olympic-sized pool ranges from 3'6" to 16 feet in depth and is equipped with one- and three-meter diving boards plus a large jacuzzi. There are eight lanes running the long course and seventeen lanes running the short course.



Tennis courts

Ralphs-Straus Tennis Center

The Ralphs-Straus Tennis Center is home for the men's and women's tennis teams. The nine-court, fully lighted facility was upgraded significantly during the 1992-1993 school year and served as the host site for the 1995 NCAA Women's Tennis Championships.



Track with Malibu campus in background

Stotsenberg Track

Men's and women's cross country teams train extensively at Stotsenberg Track. The original dirt track was renovated in 1989 thanks to a donations by longtime Malibu residents Dorothy and Ed Stotsenberg. The facility was transformed into an Olympic-sized, eight-lane track with an all-weather surface.



Alumni Park with water and mountains in background

Alumni Park

Situated in front of Pepperdine's Malibu campus, Alumni Park is a beautiful 30-acre expanse of lawns, rolling hills, ponds, and coral trees. The two ponds are actually open reservoirs (about 40,000 square feet each) of reclaimed water, but add beauty and serenity to the park. Intramural games are played in the flat field area, and picnics can be held under the scenic coral trees lining the crest of the park.