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Pepperdine Voyage Past Events

To view our past events please click on the links to the left. For a detailed explanation of our 2003-04 events please view The Pepperdine Voyage Newsletter .

The following are events for the Pepperdine Voyage project for the 2008-09 academic year. For further information, please contact Stephanie Cupp at x4141 or stephanie.cupp@pepperdine.edu.

Service and Social Action Grant Funding Available

The Voyage project and Interclub Council (ICC) announce the availability of funds for service and social action projects. Groups applying for these funds must be able to demonstrate how their project relates to Christian vocation and how it involves the larger Pepperdine community.

2008-2009 Service and Social Action Grant Awards:

Lausanne International Programs student project with Neighbors Global Connection- students worked with children at a refugee center in Switzerland

Life Mission Fashion Show and Concert- to raise awareness of modern forms of slavery and oppression

Rwanda Business as Mission Project, SIFE- for expansion of the Rwanda Store and Christian Business Training Centre in Rwanda

The Kind Campaign, Lauren Parsekian and Molly Stroud- to raise awareness of female bullying by reaching out to middle school girls through a website and film

Project Serve Panama group- work with Youth With a Mission

Project LEAD Route 66 and East Coast Edition 2009 groups

Pepperdine Track and Field Team Project Serve trip to Hope Children's Home in Tampa, FL

His Little Ones Romanian orphanage mission trip with Professor Andrei Duta

The Girl Effect- campaign to bring social and economic change through providing underserved girls with the opportunity to participate in their society. Week of events, March 9-13, 2009.

Trudy Taylor, mission trip to Thailand to work with NightLight Bangkok

Andrew Smith, Ningxia Trading Company, China micro-business project

Gared Luquet, Dominique Ovalle, and Lydia Supplee, India orphan art therapy project

International Programs Student Service Coordinators

This is the fourth year of funding for a student service coordinator position in Pepperdine's overseas programs. The student service coordinator is responsible for working with the program director and faculty to establish and organize service opportunities for all students studying abroad. The student service coordinators for 2008-09 are:

Megan Ryan (fall and spring) and Bridgette Walker (fall)- London
Elizabeth White- Florence
Matthew Deseno- Buenos Aires
Shannon Kirkpatrick- Lausanne
Rachel Williams (fall semester) and Mark Langer (spring semester)- Heidelberg

Funding for Professional School Student Service Internships

The Voyage program has funding for professional school students to participate in summer internships with service and social action oriented programs, especially those affiliated with faith-based organizations. There is funding for four students with grants up to $2,500 each.

2009 Professional School Student Service Internship awards:

Sharon Dalmage (GSEP)- Providing community college awareness to disadvantaged youth; work in partnership with 2nd Zion Missionary Church in South Los Angeles

Joseph Groff (SOL/SPP)- The Global Network for Good Governance in Cameroon

Kerry Docherty (SOL)- Garden of Hope and Mae La Burmese Refugee Camp in Thailand

Stephanie Pond (SOL)- Belize Supreme Court clerkship

Kristin Heinrich, John Napier and Ben Ingram (SOL)- Calcutta Mercy Hospital in Calcutta, India

Michael Cahill, Robert Coleman, Shane Michael and Kelsey Stapler (SOL)- Uganda Supreme Court clerkship

Jaclyn Riffert (GSEP)- Daughters of Charity in Mexico

Jerry Darko-Appianti- Just Like You International Sports Program

Funding for Professional Schools Speakers Available

The Pepperdine Voyage program provides support for guest speakers who address the topic of vocation with a Christian perspective. The project provides $25,000 over three years for use by the University's graduate and professional schools.

Student Leadership Lunch Colloquium

Campus-wide student leaders attend this series of lunches to hear speakers who help them think about the questions of vocation as they relate to their leadership roles. These events are by invitation only. For more information contact Kerri Heath in Student Affairs

5th Annual Women in Ministry Conference: Strength for the Journey

May 12-14, 2009 at Pepperdine University
The fifth annual conference for women in ministry positions in the Church of Christ and other Restoration heritage churches will be held at Pepperdine University. For information on the conference and to register, please contact Stephanie Cupp

Ministry Internship Awards

The Lilly Voyage and Religion Division are pleased to announce recipients of the 2009 Ministry Internship Program awards for Pepperdine Religion students:

Dusty Breeding and Alex Cox- Work through Lifebread Inc in Uganda
Carter Sapp- Lifeline Chaplaincy in Houston, Texas
Krista Sparks- NightLight, organization to combat human trafficking and sexual exploitation
Corey L. Williams- Mission work in Tamilnadu, South India (Chennai Church of Christ)
James Yuile- Teaching experience at Hope International University (HIU), Fullerton, CA (fall, 2009)
Sandy Trotter- Women's Ministry at the Overland Park Church of Christ, Overland, Kansas
Reese Cargioli- Youth Ministry, work with teens in a white suburban neighborhood outside of Indianapolis, Indiana tied to the Green-Valley Church of Christ