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Past Events 2004–2005 Academic Year

Curricular Component

Summer 2004
Readings sent to all incoming freshman included Courage and Calling by Gordon Smith, Doing the Truth in Love by Michael Himes, and "Leaven" journal articles on Vocation.

Student Directors of Service Projects for International Programs  

   1. Laura Reisert- London
   2. Jennifer Hollingsworth- Florence
   3. John Laubacher- Heidelberg
   4. Brittany Blackamore and Wendy Tran- Lyon

November 2004 
International Programs "Spiritual Summit" retreats
*European retreat led by Markus McDowell in Bergamo, Italy
*Buenos Aires retreat led by Robert Cargill in Punto Indio, Argentina

November 12–13, 2004
Spiritual Discernment retreat led by Stuart and D'Esta Love

Co-Curricular Component

Service and Social Action Grants

  1. Spiritual Life Coordinator service project: Faculty advisor was Ezra Plank
  2. Step Forward Day for Buenos Aires: El Buen Samaritano ranch, Argentina: Faculty advisor was Jo Kite
  3. Week of Hunger and Homelessness. Student coordinator was Seth Allingham
  4. National Model United Nations conference in NYC. Eleven students were involved.
  5. Tsunami relief fundraisers and Sri Lanks orphanage projects
  6. Project Serve in Zapresic, Croatia involving European International Programs students: Faculty advisor was Elizabeth Whatley
  7. Olas de Esperanza orphanage project in Tijuana, Mexico. Student coordinators were William Garcia and Boro Isailovski

Vocation-oriented Convocations

         "Vocation: Exploring the Call of Your Life"—part of our Heritage & Mission series (September 7, 2004). Presented by: University Chaplain D'Esta Love (in-house)

        "A Morning with Christopher Parkening"—part of Wednesday morning programming (September 8, 2004). Presented by: Christopher Parkening (in-house)

        "Across the Generations: One Family's Chronicle"—part of Wednesday morning programming (October 20, 2004). Presented by: Helie Lee

        "What Can We Do to End Global Poverty?"—part of Wednesday morning programming (November 17, 2004). Presented by: Ron Sider

        "A Morning with Francis Chan"—part of Wednesday morning programming (February 2, 2005). Presented by: Francis Chan

        "Hearing God's Call" – part of a Lilly-focused series put on by the Communication Division (February 16, 2005). Presented by: Todd Bouldin, Senior Minister, Camarillo Church of Christ

        "Reflections from the Journey: Finding God's Purpose for My Life"—part of Women's History Month (March 7, 2005). Presented by: Dr. Helen Medes

        "Leadership That Makes a Difference"—part of Wednesday morning programming (March 9, 2005). Presented by: Lori Salierno

        "Vocation: Leadership, Women, & Faith"—part of Women's History Month (March 14, 2005). Presented by: D'Esta Love

        "Dorothy Day and Poverty: Theory and Practice"—part of Women's History Month (March 21, 2005). Presented by: Maire Mullins

        "Daring to Test the Waters – Mercy Ships"—part of Wednesday morning programming (March 23, 2005). Presented by: Chuck and Sue Duby

        "Voice, Vocation, and the Arts"—part of Women's History Month (March 28, 2005). Presented by: Dr. Joi Carr

Student Leadership Breakfast Colloquium

Campus-wide student leaders attend this series of breakfasts to hear speakers who help them think about the questions of vocation as they relate to the leadership roles. These events are by invitation only.


9/8/04   Christ
D'esta Love 
10/13/04   Commitment
Ken Durham 
11/10/04   Consciousness of Self
Catherine Meeks 
12/1/04   Collaboration
Robin and Cindy Perrin 
1/12/05   Common Purpose
Daniel Rodriguez 
2/9/05   Controversy with Civility
James Wilburn 
3/9/05   Citizenship
Lori Salierno 
4/6/05   Congruence
President Benton 

Faculty Component

August 31, 2004
Admissions and Advancement staff seminar

December 9–18, 2004
New faculty retreat/seminar in Florence, Italy

March 11–13, 2005
International Programs Visiting faculty "Faith, Learning, and Vocation" seminar in Santa Barbara, CA led by Richard Hughes and D'Esta Love

May 9–13, 2005
Brothers Karamazov Seminar for faculty led by Paul Contino

August 1–5, 2005
Leadership Seminar for faculty led by Chris Soper and Richard Hughes   

Ministry Component

Ministry Internships

Emily Andrews, Mountain Guide for Young Life, B.C. Canada
Chris Barlow, Youth, Rocky Mountain Church, CO
Becky Bauer, Youth, villages of Leyte, Philippines
Chelsea Clark, Urban Ministry Project, Portland, OR
Laurie Cox, Chaplain's Office, Pepperdine University
Micah James Foster, Youth ministry, Camarillo, CA
Allen Gillespie, Chaplain's Office, Pepperdine University
Elizabeth Graham, Summer mission trip, interior of China
Matthew Levesque, African missions in Ghana and Togo
James McCarty III, Urban missions in Delhi, India
Brian O'Flaherty, Village missions, Tanzania, Africa
Cambry Pardee, Youth, Arlington, CA
Katie May Plummer, Village missions, Kenya, Africa
Kenneth Primeau, Church plant, Honolulu, Hawaii
Bethany Rogers, Street Kids ministry, Nairobi, Kenya
Bryan Schackmann, Urban missions, Heidelberg, Germany
Sarai Ashley Small, Youth ministry, Amarillo, TX
Scott Smith, Youth ministry, Kingwood, TX
Naomi Smith, Village missions, Tanzania, Africa
Peter Wilson, Worship ministry, El Segundo, CA

October 22–23, 2004
Spiritual Discernment Retreat led by Victor Hunter

October 25–29, 2004
Minister-in-Residence, Victor Hunter

April 2, 2005
Urban Plunge retreat to downtown LA led by Daniel Rodriguez

May 1–3, 2005
1st annual Women in Ministry Conference, "Embracing the Call"
Keynote speaker: Kathy Pulley

Professional Schools Component

Diversity and Faith Speakers Series, GSEP
Catherine Meeks: November 10, 2004, "Walking a Mile in My Neighbor's Shoes: Creating New Boundaries Through Faith and Diversity"

Maria Pilar Aquino: February 29, 2005, "Religion(s) Today:  Justice and Reconciliation." 

Lawyers, Faith and Social Justice Conference, School of Law

February 4-5, 2005, "Lawyers, Religious Faith, and Social Justice:  Our Responsibility to the Orphan, the Widow, the Alien, and 'The Least of These',"