Past Events 2002-2003 Academic Year

Curricular Component

Summer 2002
Readings sent to all incoming freshman included Courage and Calling by Gordon Smith and Doing the Truth in Love by Michael Himes

Fall 2002
International Programs retreat, “Image is Everything: A Search for Identity” led by Ezra and Emily Plank

Vocation-related grants awarded to Pepperdine faculty members
Juanie Walker of the Communication Division: $24, 393 for speaker series and student-led focus groups concerning vocational calling

  1. Michael Murrie of the Communication Division: $25,000 for two conferences on relating Christian faith and vocations in the media
  2. Roger Alford, Robert Cochran, and Timothy Perrin of the School of Law: $66,300 for three conferences- “Vocation and the Legal Profession,” “The Lawyer and the Poor,” and “The Lawyer as Peacemaker.”
  3. Jane Ganske of the Natural Science Division: $10,000 for a senior-level community service project to education school children on environmental issues.

Co-Curricular Component

Service and Social Action Grants awarded
National Hunger and Homelessness Week: Faculty advisor was Ashley Nolan and student coordinator was Lee Diaz

  1. Inner-City Ministry in Belfast, Ireland: Faculty advisor was Daniel Rodriguez and students involved were Jonathan Bakewitz, Rich McPherson, Robbie Sagers, and Andrew Brumme.
  2. Project Serve in Panama: Faculty advisor was Ashley Nolan and student coordinator was Andrea Krug
  3. True North Scripture Distribution Project: Faculty advisor was Greg Daum and student coordinator was Sara Dobler.
  4. Two projects with Standing on Stone ministry:
  • Drug education and feeding the homeless: Faculty advisor was Michael Folkerts.
  • Business services for SOS: Faculty advisor was Juanie Walker.

Faculty Component

October 3-5, 2002
“Sharing Stories of Vocation: How Christian Faith Can Sustain the Life of the Mind, Enhance Our Scholarship and Invigorate Our Classroom Teaching”- National conference featuring plenary speakers, Parker Palmer, Jean Bethke Elshtain, and Richard Mouw.

December 5-14, 2002
New faculty retreat/seminar in Florence, Italy

March 28-30, 2003
International Programs visiting faculty “Faith, Learning, and Vocation” seminar in Santa Barbara, CA led by Richard Hughes and D’Esta Love

May 5-9, 2003
“Virtue and Vocation” faculty/staff seminar led by Paul Contino

June 2-6, 2003
“Faith, Learning, and Vocation” faculty/staff seminar led by Richard Hughes and D’Esta Love.

Ministry Component

Residence Director Assistants for 2002-03 year
Exavious Farley, Josh Fleer, Benjamin Gensic, and Sarah Pierce

Ministry Interns

  1. Cliff Barbarick- Camarillo Church of Christ, Camarillo, CA
  2. Mark Barnache- inner city work in Tulsa, OK
  3. Kelly Carpenter- inner city work in Tulsa, OK
  4. Damon McCaskill- downtown LA hospital
  5. Katherine Phipps- hospital chaplaincy in Houston, TX
  6. Lara Sando- AGAPE Child and Family Services in Memphis, TN
  7. Marisa Sessions- hospital chaplaincy in Houston, TX
  8. Holly Tallon- Conejo Valley Church of Christ, Thousand Oaks, CA
  9. Luke Tallon- Conejo Valley Church of Christ
  10. Edwin Cahill- inner city church planting project
  11. Ryan Uhles- University Church of Christ, Fresno, CA

March 28-30, 2003
Ministry-as-Vocation Retreat featuring speaker Gary Holloway May, 2003
Urban plunge spiritual discernment retreat led by Daniel Rodriguez