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eSquared Church Leaders Seminars

These day-long Encourage and Equip seminars are held at the Pepperdine campuses in Irvine and San Jose throughout the year. Topics and speakers vary.

Ministers' Marriage Enrichment

The pressing demands of ministry often leave ministry couples struggling to prioritize their relationship, which can quickly lead to marital disconnection and distress. The Minister's Marriage Enrichment is a two-day getaway offering couples an opportunity to prioritize their relationship, granting it the attention and nourishment needed for connection and growth.

Pepperdine Guest Speakers

The Office of Church Relations provides a variety of faculty/staff who are available to preach at area congregations on specific topics or as occasional guest speakers. Contact the office at 310.506.4270 or church.relations@pepperdine.edu for your request.

Recorded Sessions for Small Groups and Reference

Harbor 2018 "The Spirit-Filled People of God" podbean  |  iTunes

Pepperdine Bible Lectures 2017 "Spiritual Rhythms: Scrolls for Robust Salvation"

Pepperdine Bible Lectures 2016 "Cruciformed: Living in Light of the Jesus Story"

Pepperdine Bible Lectures 2015 "Faithworks"

Pepperdine Bible Lectures 2014 "Enter the Water, Come to the Table" 

Pepperdine Bible Lectures 2013 "Can I Get a Witness? Faithfully Following the Lamb in Revelation"

(Earlier recordings can be accessed through the Pepperdine Library)

Thriving in Ministry: Sanctuary Cohorts

The Office of Church Relations has received a grant from the Lilly Endowment to participate in their Thriving in Ministry Initiative, an effort to help ministers working in their congregations flourish in their roles as pastoral leaders. Each year, a small cohort of Church of Christ ministers from a specific region are selected to participate in a year-long program under the direction of Mike Cope.

Youth Ministry Network

The Youth Leadership Initiative team provides retreats for area youth ministers twice a year (Fall and Spring) to provide education and fellowship.



Video Library

YouTube Channel: youtube.com/c/PepperdineChurchRelations

Harbor 2021 Sessions

eSquared Online Sessions

Sessions on Church Leadership

Sessions on Youth Ministry

Messages of Hope by Jeff Walling


Jeff Walling: A Parable for Our Times 

Charla Griffy-Brown: The Corona Pivot

N.T. Wright: God and the Pandemic: Mike Cope Interviews N.T. Wright

Sharon Hargrave: Ministering to an Anxious Church

Dusty Rubeck: Church Finances during COVID-19 and Beyond

John Mark Hicks: Understanding Grief and Suffering

N.T. Wright: 2016 Keynote: "The Scandal of the Cross"



Harbor Resources

2021: "Resilient Faith: A Day of Renewal for Church Leaders"

2020: "Called and Sent: The Vital Role of the Church"
Curriculum  |  Podbean  |  Youtube

2019: "A Broken Hallelujah" 
Youtube  |  iTunes  |  Podbean

2018: "The Spirit-Filled People of God" 
Youtube  |  Podbean

2017: "Spiritual Rhythms: Scrolls for Robust Salvation" 
Youtube  |  iTunes

2016: "Cruciformed: Living in Light of the Jesus Story"
Youtube  |  iTunes

2015: "FaithWorks"
Youtube  |  iTunes

2014: "Enter the Water, Come to the Table"
Youtube  |  iTunes

2013: "Can I Get a Witness? Faithfully Following the Lamb in Revelation"
Youtube | iTunes