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What is a Degree Audit Report?

A Degree Audit report (DAR) is a printed record of a personalized degree plan and an analysis of academic progress for each student based on the catalog requirements for a degree. The report is generated from the SIS/ON COURSE SYSTEM derived from data input into this system, either automatically or manually. The system evaluates and tracks all coursework that has been completed or is "In Progress" at Pepperdine and courses taken at other schools that have been processed as transfer credits.

How to Read Your Degree Audit Report

 Personal Information

  • Your name and student identification number (SID) are given on the top of page 1.

  • Your major or intended academic program, such as pre-business or some other pre-major program appears on the title lines.

  • The catalog year and academic year of admission identifies the catalog requirements for your degree.

 Summary of Credit Towards Graduation

This portion displays the school(s), completed units from each school attended, and respective grade point averages (GPAs).

The three GPAs are: Pepperdine GPA - for all courses completed at Pepperdine. Cumulative GPA - for all courses completed at Pepperdine and transfer credit from other schools (both passed and failed).  Major GPA - for all courses required in the major or pre-major study.

  • The GPA variance shows a number with either a (+) or (-) sign before it.  A (+) is a measure above the minimum GPA requirement, such as a GPA of 2.00 to stay in good standing or a GPA of 2.5 requirement for admission to a major.

  • A (-) variance is an indicator of deficit points below the required minimum needed for (a) admission to a major where a GPA of 2.5 is needed, or (b) a GPA of 2.00 is required for graduation.

  • The total units passed, "in progress," required, and applied are given here.

 Section 1 - Academic Requirements Remaining

  • A minimum GPA requirement is given for admission to the major if the student is in a pre-major study, and for graduation if a major has been declared.

  • The minimum 128 units required for a degree and the number of units needed to complete the degree are given.

  • The 40 upper division units required are given along with the number of upper division units still remaining.

1. General Studies Program

  • This segment of Section 1 shows all the courses and units the student needs to meet the General Education requirements for the degree.

  • If a student is in a pre-major study such as Pre-Advertising or Pre-Business with preparatory requirements for admission to the major, a reminder is given to apply for the Advertising or Business major upon completion of Pre-Advertising or Pre-Business courses.

  • Minimum GPAs and grades in certain courses are also specified.

2. Major or Pre-Major Requirements

  • Courses required for the major or pre-major study that have not been completed are listed in this portion of the report.

 Section 2 - Academic Requirements Completed or In Progress

1. General Studies Program

  • As stated in the section title, all courses the student has completed are listed in this section.
  • All courses "in progress" are also shown. These include the courses for the current term and future terms the student has pre-registered for. Note: The term (F98, S99) is given with each "completed" and "in progress" course.
  • The total units given here assumes completion of "in progress" courses since these are included in the totals.

2. Major or Pre-major Study

  • The courses taken toward completion of the pre-major or major requirements are listed in this sub section. Note: The courses are listed in the same way as the General Studies courses, given above.

3. Elective Courses

  • All courses completed over and above the requirements for the General Studies, major(s), concentration or emphasis areas, and minors but are needed to complete the minimum 128 units required for the degree, are listed in this segment.

 Section 3 - Work not Applicable to this Program

This section displays course(s) the student has attempted but are not credited or applicable toward the intended degree.  These included passed, failed, or withdrawn courses.

Waivers and Substitutions

Waivers of course requirements require a written approval by the division chairs. Complete a "transfer and substitution of units" form in the division office. Attach a copy of the course description and all related syllabus(es) of the course(s). Waiver adjustments are manually processed by the Registrar's Office for these to show in the Degree Audit Report.

Course substitutions for stated catalog requirements must likewise be approved in writing by the division chairs. These are also manually input by the Registrar's Office for these to show in the DAR.

Consult your academic advisor regularly for academic advising.  If you have any questions regarding your DAR, please consult one of the academic progress analysts in the Office of the University Registrar.