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Credit/No Credit Grades (Seaver College Information Only)

A limited number of courses at Seaver College are offered with the grade of "CR" (credit) in the event of acceptable work or "NC" (no credit) in the event of unacceptable work. Undergraduate students may choose to receive grades of CR/NC rather than the usual letter grades in any course except those fulfilling the general education requirements and major or minor requirements.  (Consult course descriptions for some elective courses in the major that may be taken for CR/NC.)

For undergraduate students, a grade of "CR" is assigned to indicate work equivalent to an "A," "B," or "C."  A grade of "NC" is assigned to "C-" "D" or "F." Credit/no credit grades are not computed into the overall semester grade point average.  If there is a question of academic probation or academic dismissal, each "NC" will be considered evidence of poor academic work.

Once a student has chosen the CR/NC grading option, letter grades may not be assigned.  When the grade of "NC" is assigned to a student in a course which is a prerequisite or a requirement, that course must be repeated.