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Incomplete/In Progress Grades


The grade of "I," indicating incomplete work, is assigned to a student who attended class but because of a documented emergency in the last quarter of the term, fails to complete the required course work. If an "I" is assigned at the end of the fall semester, the course work must be completed by the end of the subsequent spring semester or the "I" becomes an "F." If an "I" is assigned at the end of either the spring or the summer term, the "I" becomes an "F" at the end of the following fall semester. Courses taken on a CR/NC basis will default to "NC" if not completed on time. A shorter period of time for completion may be assigned at the instructor’s request. In such cases, the student will not be notified by the Office of Student Information and Services that the "I" grade has lapsed into the "F" grade. Students requesting an extension of the "I" deadline must petition the Credits Committee before the deadline. (See Exceptions to Academic Policy.) Students with financial assistance should refer to the financial assistance policies and how these grades may affect eligibility.

Because an "I" is appropriate only to complete a small portion of work remaining at the end of a term, missing work should be completed during the first six weeks of the following semester or summer term.  When students are removing an "I," they should be allowed to complete only the work that was missed; they should not be allowed to wipe out all grades and begin again.

How to document an Incomplete
If your professor allows you to have an incomplete ("I") this term, please follow the procedure below.   This procedure must be followed for each "I" assigned.

  1. You must obtain permission to receive an incomplete from the Academic Advising Center at One-Stop. Please include your documentation.
  2. Obtain a "Seaver Course Completion Agreement," which is available at OneStop or the Academic Advising Center on the 2nd floor of TAC.
  3. Complete the biographical information at the top of the form. 
  4. Bring the form to your professor to fill out the term for late completion of the course and designate a due date.  The due date must not go beyond the last day of the following term (summer term excluded).
  5. You, your professor, and the division chair should sign the agreement.
  6. File a copy of the agreement with the Office of the University Registrar and the Academic Advising Center.

It is critical to note that you MUST NOT register again for the same course during the semester that the "I" will be made up.

In Progress

A grade of "IP" is assigned at the end of the semester only in courses which, by catalog definition, are allowed more than one semester for completion, e.g., student teaching, graduate readings, graduate theses, and graduate projects.