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Incomplete/In Progress Grades

A grade of I, indicating incomplete work, is assigned to a student who has attended class but, because of a documented emergency in the last quarter of the term, fails to complete required course work. The grade of "I" may be given only (1) when the student is passing the course at the time an illness or emergency arises; (2) when the student does not have excessive unexcused absences; and (3) when the only work unfinished by the student is the final exam or a final major project. An incomplete grade is not intended to give students with poor grades additional time to improve their grades. 

If an I is assigned at the end of the fall semester, the course work must be completed by the date specified in the student’s contract with the instructor but no later than the end of the subsequent spring semester or the I will default to an F. If an I is assigned at the end of either the spring semester or the summer term, the I will default to an F at the end of the following fall semester. Courses taken on a Cr/NC basis will default to NC if not completed on time. A shorter period of time for completion may be assigned at the instructor’s request. In such cases, the student will not be notified by the Office of the Registrar that the I grade has lapsed into the F grade. Students requesting an extension of the I deadline must petition the Credits Committee before the deadline. (See “Exceptions to Academic Policy.”) Students with financial assistance should refer to the financial assistance policies and how these grades may affect eligibility.

A grade of IP is assigned at the end of the semester only in courses which, by catalog definition, are allowed more than one semester for completion, e.g., student teaching, graduate readings, graduate theses, and graduate projects. Students who receive a grade of I or IP should not re-enroll in the course for the subsequent semester. Different policies may apply for Incompletes resulting from disciplinary action.

How to document an Incomplete
If your professor allows you to have an incomplete ("I") this term, please follow the procedure below.   This procedure must be followed for each "I" assigned. 

1.  Student Starts the Request in Etrieve (after having a verbal conversation with the instructor as a heads up regarding an emergency); Incomplete Course Agreement Form
2.  The form is routed to the Director of Academic Advising (the academic director verifies the emergency and approves or denies)
3.  The Director of Academic Advisor then routes it to the Instructor for approval or deny
4.  The Instructor then routes it to the Divisional Dean for approval or denial. The instructor fills in the box regarding what final work is to be done for a final grade and the date of when it's to be done.
5.  Process ends and into the student file.
6.  Confirmation emails are sent upon completion of all signatures.

It is critical to note that you MUST NOT register again for the same course during the semester that the "I" will be made up.