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Characteristics of Successful Communitas Applicant

As you prepare your application materials, keep in mind that we are looking for younger pastors serving in congregational ministry in the greater Los Angeles area, who demonstrate confidence, optimism, and security in their pastoral role, and who have strong potential for the next two or three decades of Christian ministry.  Applicants should have at least five years experience in full-time, congregational ministry, but not much more than ten years. We are also looking for applicants who have developed a strong theological foundation for their ministry, whether through pursuing an M.Div. degree or continuing education, or through such avenues as an apprenticeship or close mentoring relationships. Our definition of "younger" is flexible.

The criteria for selection will include:

Vocational clarity;
Theological acuity necessary to interpret their experiences in the program in light of the biblical narrative;
Appropriate balance of confidence and ability;
Good public speaking and preaching;
A healthy ego necessary for creativity, integrity, and humility, and
An ability to listen to and communicate with a diverse group of people from different social and theological backgrounds for the sake of the common good.

We hope that all Communitas participants will share basic assumptions regarding pastoral collegiality across social and theological divides; the character of constructive engagement and dialogue; the value of pastoral congregational ministry; and the necessity of professional pastoral development.