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Veterans Committees and Clubs

Pepperdine Committee on Student Veterans

The Pepperdine Committee on Student Veterans (PCSV) was established in 2008. Consisting of faculty, staff, and other veteran-focused allies, the PCSV meets every semester to discuss student veteran support issues, activities, and events. The committee is chaired by the director of student veteran affairs.

Pepperdine Veterans Council

The Pepperdine Veterans (PeppVet) Council is an active steering committee consisting of student veterans from Pepperdine's five schools and key advocates, including the director of student veteran affairs and school certifying officials. The council is focused on building and strengthening the veteran community at Pepperdine, ensuring that everyone feels valued, included, supported, challenged, and prepared for God's plan for their lives. PeppVet Council members serve as points of contact, advocates, and ambassadors to fellow veterans and actively connect with military-connected students across Pepperdine to share information, ideas, support, and solicit feedback. Student veteran members typically serve on the council for one academic year.

Pepperdine Student Veterans Organization (Seaver College)

The Pepperdine Student Veterans Organization (PSVO) of Seaver College is a student organization devoted to knowing our veterans and to educating the community about veterans. The organization offers ways for members and participants to connect, learn, support one another, and grow to become more effective leaders when they leave Pepperdine. It is also a social organization that provides a support network of military and veteran students attending Pepperdine and hosts events that bring academic, career, social, and volunteer opportunities to students. The PSVO is a registered chapter of the Student Veterans of America, a national veteran advocacy group.

Veteran Legal Society (Caruso School of Law)

The Veterans Legal Society is an affinity group of law students who are veterans of the United States Armed Forces. Its mission is to provide academic support, career mentorship, and a collaborative community for its members. The society seeks to leverage the multidisciplinary skills of our veteran community toward law school success.

Graziadio Veterans Club (Graziadio Business School)

The purpose of the Graziadio Veterans Club is to organize and connect the veterans of Pepperdine University to enrich their lives, academics, and overall student experience. The club meets biweekly and devises creative ways to give back to the Pepperdine community. It hosts events, guest speakers, and has dinners so that members can get to know each other better outside of academia. The club offers an added layer of support and camaraderie to the veteran community, and it does what it takes to make sure every veteran succeeds. Professional development, outreach, and social activities are the club's focus.