Waves of Innovation IV - Pepperdine University


Successful applicants will receive one-time planning grants up to $5,000 (with the amount determined solely by the reviewing committee) to assist in preparing a complete proposal for consideration in Phase II. The Phase I planning grants are intended to provide support for further exploration and additional attention to feasibility and proposal detail in Phase II.

Phase II will provide additional funding (with the amount determined solely by the reviewing committee) to facilitate expansion and implementation of phase I and II concepts.

Finalists may receive up to $150,000 to execute their projects.

What is a Grant?

Grants are non-repayable funds disbursed by one party to a recipient. In order to receive a grant, some form of "Grant Writing," often referred to as either a proposal or an application, is usually required.

Most grants are made to fund a specific project and require some level of compliance and reporting. The grant writing process involves an applicant submitting a proposal (or submission) to a potential funder, either on the applicant's own initiative or in response to a Request for Proposal from the funder.