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Fire Safety Permits

The Department of Public Safety approves and issues all University fire safety permits for campus events and construction operations.  Please read the descriptions of each to see if your project will require a permit.  To request a permit, call the Public Safety Dispatch at (310) 506-4442 and an officer will conduct a safety check and issue a permit if appropriate.

Hot Works Permits

A Hot Works Permit is required for any project that uses high heat applications or may pose an increased risk of fire or burns.  Hot work includes any work that involves burning, welding, using spark- or fire-producing tools, or produces a source of ignition.  Call (310) 506-4442 to request a Hot Work permit.

Red Tag Permit

A Red Tag Permit must be requested any time a project may activate the campus fire/life safety systems.  All campus buildings are equipped with smoke and heat detectors that will activate if your project produces an abnormal amount of smoke, fog, steam, or heat.  To request the fire/life safety system be disabled, call (310) 506-4442 and an officer will conduct a site safety check.  In many cases, you will also be required to post a Fire Watch for any building not being monitored by the fire/life safety system.