General Information and Quick Links

Please review all resources regarding parking and traffic regulations on campus. Drivers are responsible for knowing and adhering to all campus requirements. Listed below are several links frequently utilized by current students and employees:

Pepperdine Parking & Traffic Regulations (excerpts)


§ 1.01.00 The parking and traffic regulations are in place to provide a safe, efficient, and organized environment for drivers and pedestrians to share the road and parking resources throughout campus. Each registrant is responsible for knowing and adhering to these regulations and procedures. Failure to comply with these regulations is a serious concern and will be reviewed by the appropriate University official and may impact a person's eligibility to park or drive a vehicle on campus. Please contact the Department of Public Safety (DPS) if you have questions.

§ 1.02.00 The California Vehicle Code (CVC) Section 21113a empowers the Pepperdine University Regents to establish specific parking and traffic regulations on University property. The California Vehicle Code is enforced on all campus roadways as well as the policies contained in the Campus Parking & Traffic Regulations. Registrants are solely responsible for familiarizing themselves with all policies. Pepperdine University Parking and Traffic Regulations are adopted by the Board of Regents and are available for review in the Department of Public Safety.

§ 1.03.00 These regulations may be enforced by the Department of Public Safety, the California Highway Patrol, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, or other law enforcement agencies.

Vehicle Registration

§ 1.04.00 All motorized vehicles on campus, including motorcycles, scooters, electric carts, and mopeds, must be properly registered with Pepperdine University and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) as applicable. Compliance with the registration process includes: the proper display of a campus parking permit, possession of a valid driver's license, proof of auto insurance, and current DMV registration tags on the vehicle.

§ 1.05.00 Registrants are responsible for any applicable citation fines incurred on campus.

§ 1.06.00 Pepperdine University reserves the right to revoke an individual's campus parking and driving privileges.

§ 1.07.00 The University shall assume no liability or responsibility for theft, damage, or loss that may occur during the use of parking facilities or services. Individuals choosing to park at Pepperdine University do so at their own risk.

Citation Appeals Process

§ 16.01.00 Approximately twenty-four hours after a citation is issued, the recipient may submit an appeal at by entering the vehicle license plate number or citation number.

§ 16.02.00 Citation appeals may not be considered after ten days.

§ 16.03.00 Appeals are reviewed and responded to electronically through this automated system at

§ 16.04.00 Appeals are not accepted for the circumstances listed below:

§ 16.04.01 Driver was not aware or did not have knowledge of any Pepperdine University parking or traffic regulation.

§ 16.04.02 The time of day, night, or early morning hours impacted the reason the vehicle was parked in an unauthorized location.

§ 16.04.03 The vehicle was parked in an unauthorized location for only a brief period of time.

§ 16.04.04 There is an insufficient amount parking in desired location.

§ 16.04.05 Inclement weather impacted the reason the vehicle was parked in an unauthorized location.

§ 16.04.06 Extenuating circumstances such as illness, friend in need, deadlines, appointment, exams, large items to deliver, etc. impacted the reason the vehicle was parked in an unauthorized location.

§ 16.04.07 Valid vehicle permit or temporary hanging pass was not visible due to having fallen off, blown away, or was placed anywhere other than the proper location in the proper manner (stickers on lower left corner of windshield; passes on dash board, hanging passes hung on rear view mirror).

§ 16.04.08 The carpool pass or temporary permit was issued without the proper date(s) stamped legibly or visibly on both sides of the permit.

§ 16.04.09 Recipient did not see or receive citation.

§ 16.04.10 No other vehicle received got a citation for the same or similar violation.

§ 16.04.11 The vehicle is no longer owned or in the possession of the registered owner (see § 3.09.00).

§ 16.04.12 The citation was issued while the vehicle was loaned to someone other than the registered owner (see § 3.09.00).