Department of Public Safety - Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I park?

Specific parking areas for Malibu Campus students and employees are listed in detail in the Pepperdine University Department of Public Safety Parking and Traffic Regulations posted online. There are enough parking spaces on campus, even though they may not always be immediately adjacent to where you want to park. When a close parking space is not available, please consider taking the shuttle.

Who can let me in to my room/office? I'm locked out!

When a student locks themselves out of their room, the first contact should be with their Resident Advisor. If the RA is unavailable, a representative from Housing & Residence Life can give you access to your room Mon. - Fri., 8am - 5pm; call ext. 7586. Information regarding other times may be made to Public Safety; call ext. 4442.
When a faculty or staff member locks themselves out of their office/area, contact Public Safety at ext. 4442.

How do I reserve a room for a function?

Special Programs is in charge of most room reservations; call ext. 4264. If it is not an area reserved by Special Programs, they should be able to direct you. To reserve rooms in the HAWC, call Student Activities at ext. 4201. Public Safety is not authorized to grant access to areas not previously reserved

How much does a parking permit cost?

Parking permits are currently free. You may obtain as many vehicle permits as you have vehicles registered in your name (or in the name of any other member of your immediate family). You man not register any vehicle that is not registered to you or another member of your immediate family.

Do I need a visitor's pass for the weekend?

Visitor's of students, who are staying for the weekend, must be registered with Housing and Residence Life. A visitor who will be staying Sunday night into Monday morning will be issued a visitor's parking pass from one of the entrance booths, good for 24 hours. Visitor's who will not be staying in to Monday morning do not need a visitor's pass.

Where can I get an ID card?

If you are a student you may get an ID at Tech Central on the 2nd floor of Payson Library. Replacement I.D.s may be obtained at One Stop on the 2nd floor of the Thorton Administrative Center. The replacement fee can be charged to your student account.
Faculty and staff may obtain a replacement card at the Center for Human Resources.