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Introduction to Waves of Innovation

Waves of Innovation IV - Pepperdine University


5 years. 350+ submissions. 13 grants. $1.2 million awarded.

Five years ago, President Andrew K. Benton launched Waves of Innovation to inspire, engage, and motivate faculty, staff, and students to rethink Pepperdine and help shape its future. Since then, more than 350 ideas have been submitted and 13 grants totaling $1.2 million have been awarded to forward-thinking, innovative proposals. Best of all, several ideas have been implemented and have produced results that will impact the University for years to come.

Waves of Innovation IV Finalists

This year, once again we invited the Pepperdine community to submit ideas that will help foster institutional and academic excellence while strengthening our ties as a community.

The Waves of Innovation Committee reviewed 89 submissions whose ideas best met our objective to improve Pepperdine and the Pepperdine experience. Proposals targeted the six Waves of Innovation categories, including a new addition for this year—enhancing sustainability at the University.

The Waves of Innovation Committee passed a top selection of the proposals to the president who chose the following six proposals for development grants in Phase II. These finalists will advance their proposals and present a Waves of Innovation Talk ("WIT") for the Pepperdine community on Monday, March 18, 2019, at 5 PM in Smothers Theatre. Following these presentations, some proposals will be selected for a full implementation grant up to $150,000.

Pepperdine Initiative for Cross Sector Leadership Training and Research – Prof. Luisa Blanco with Anna Choi, Dean Pete Peterson and Ashley Trim (School of Public Policy)

The Summit – Jared Lee (Seaver College, Student) with Casey Gillam (Campus Recreation) and Amy Johnson (Seaver College)

Blockchain at Pepperdine: A Workshop and Seminar Series for the Education and Innovation of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) – Dr. Lene Martin (Graduate School of Education and Psychology, Student)

Master of Science in Entertainment, Media and Sports Business plus a Certificate in Entertainment, Media and Sports Entrepreneurship – Prof. John Mooney with Profs. Nelson Granados (Graziadio Business School), Maureen Weston (School of Law), Joi Carr, Theresa de Los Santos and Alicia Jessop (Seaver College)

The Vineyard: An Education App – Prof. Jennifer Smith with Prof. Christopher Heard (Seaver College)

Soar Solo with Solar Panel Bikes – Kaytlynn Welsch with Patrick Wells, Margarett Knight and Martin Sagide (Seaver College, Students)