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Waves of Innovation IV - Pepperdine University


5 years. 350+ submissions. 13 grants. $1.2 million awarded.

Five years ago, President Andrew K. Benton launched Waves of Innovation to inspire, engage, and motivate faculty, staff, and students to rethink Pepperdine and help shape its future. Since then, more than 350 ideas have been submitted and 13 grants totaling $1.2 million have been awarded to forward-thinking, innovative proposals. Best of all, several ideas have been implemented and have produced results that will impact the University for years to come.

Waves of Innovation IV is here. Participation is easy.

As Pepperdine continues to look to the future and strives to make its educational and student experience even better, and its operation more agile, efficient, and sustainable, it is once again turning to its community for their help and ideas with Waves of Innovation IV.

If you'd like to join in and submit a proposal, simply fill out a short form and share your idea (or ideas). Successful submissions will be eligible to move into Phase II and receive development grants to help them take their proposals to the next level of completion. Phase II winners will receive additional funding to facilitate expansion and implementation of selected concepts. Winners may receive an implementation grant up to $150,000.

The bottom line . . . the most innovative ideas—the ideas with the greatest potential impact—will be rewarded.

You are invited. Join in, express yourself, and make a difference.

This year we are once again inviting the Pepperdine community to submit ideas that will help foster institutional and academic excellence while strengthening our ties as a community.

Submissions are due November 15, 2018, and can be completed through the application form.

The Waves of Innovation committee will review all submissions and announce finalists whose ideas best meet our objective to improve Pepperdine and the Pepperdine experience. Proposals should target the six Waves of Innovation categories, including a new addition for this year—enhancing sustainability at the University.

The finalists will present their projects to President Benton and the Pepperdine community at a spring 2019 event to compete for grants up to $150,000.

So join us. Share your ideas. This is your chance to express yourself and make a difference.