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How It Works

Waves of Innovation IV - Pepperdine University


Participation is easy. Simply read the Inventions Agreement and complete the application form to share your ideas.

The Waves of Innovation Committee will review and evaluate all submissions. Successful submissions will be eligible to participate in Phase II and will receive grants up to $5,000 to help them prepare a complete proposal for Phase II and the Waves of Innovation Talk. Phase II will provide additional funding to facilitate expansion and implementation of selected concepts.

In Phase I, the Committee will evaluate submissions on their potential to increase the net resources available to support Pepperdine and/or to improve the University's reputation. The Committee will also evaluate submissions specifically on their potential to:

  1. Enhance teaching and learning
  2. Foster scholarly and creative activity
  3. Create new revenue opportunities through increased enrollment, new programs, community involvement, or collaboration with corporations and industry
  4. Streamline our organization, physical plant, and operating processes
  5. Strengthen the Pepperdine University "brand" and reputation
  6. Enhance sustainability at the University

Please note that you are encouraged to address more than one of the five categories noted above and to collaborate across disciplines, community groups, and colleges. While proposals must be submitted by current faculty, staff, or students, outside resources may be part of any proposal.

Questions? Please call 310.506.4501 or email innovation@pepperdine.edu.