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Student Productions

The Department of Public Safety is happy to support student film and theater productions on University property.  If you are planning a student production, please read the information below carefully to ensure you are following all applicable University requirements.

Prop Weapons

Weapons of any type are not permitted on University property.  The Department of Public Safety may approve the use of prop weapons under specific circumstances.  To request permission to use prop weapons, contact Public Safety at (310) 506-4700.  Use of prop weapons without permission is a serious violation of University policy and may result in judicial action, alarm in the campus community, and a response by the Department of Public Safety and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

Fire Safety Permits

If your production may pose an increased risk of fire, or may unduly activate the campus fire/life safety system, you must request a fire safety permit.  Read more about fire safety permits here.

Student Filming

Students conducting film projects on campus should consult with their professor to ensure they have followed all University requirements before beginning production.  If your project presents specific life safety concerns, it will also need to be approved by the Department of Public Safety.  If you answer "yes" to any of the questions below, please send an email to Director of Public Safety, Dawn Emrich, Lieutenant of Fire and Life Safety Preparedness, Mark Lauren, and Captain Eric Barnes to request approval.  Review/approval may take up to one week.

  1. Will fire be used including, but not limited to, candles, cigarettes, and/or spark producing items?
  2. Are there any action scenes involving fighting, yelling, crowds, cheering, or anything else which might draw attention from bystanders/passersby?
  3. Will any prop/replica/fake weapons be used? This includes guns, water guns, knives, martial arts weapons, etc. Please note, per University policy no real weapons may be brought onto campus.
  4. Will filming cause increased traffic congestion, necessitate blocked roadways, or require additional parking for cast, crew, and any filming support vehicles?
  5. Will filming use any electrical devices such as generators, large lights, heaters, and/or fog machines?

For information on filming on campus by non-students, please see the Office of Special Programs.