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Leave a legacy and invest in Pepperdine education for generations to come with our many scholarship options.

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Investment Impact

Scholarship aid has a defining influence on the continued success of our students and alumni. Rewarding promising scholars and student-athletes who may not have otherwise been able to attend Pepperdine, scholarships provide meaningful educational and career-building experiences. Endowed scholarships, in particular, ensure a sustainable well of support and create opportunities for alumni and friends to leave a family legacy at Pepperdine. With a minimum gift of $10,000, your named endowed scholarship can support students at any of our five schools. To learn more, visit The Legacy Fund.

Offering both need- and merit-based awards, the University seeks to attract, enroll, and retain top-tier students from around the world at each of our five schools. In addition, students who receive scholarship support develop a deeper appreciation for the faithful donors who have helped make their education possible. Benefitting firsthand from the transformative power of generosity fosters a sense of gratitude and belonging that inspires alumni to continue the cycle of giving and ensure the advantages of a Pepperdine education for future generations.

“This scholarship was created to commemorate my parents and celebrate their lifelong altruism. I know they would relish the prospect of helping students, particularly because they know how much I benefited from the generosity of others throughout my education. By perpetuating their legacy of giving, this scholarship is also a reminder of how much they were loved by all those they helped.”

— Brett Nelson ('92)
The Bruce and Vicki Nelson Memorial Scholarship at Seaver College

An investment in scholarships is an investment in our students, our reputation, and our mission. Your gift will encourage students to continue their journeys of lifelong learning and, as alumni, to create “ever-widening waves of service spreading across the globe” as our founder George Pepperdine envisioned.