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This form is for Pepperdine University members only (e.g., faculty, staff, students). Data are not provided to any individual or department outside of Pepperdine University. OIE services are focused solely on data collected directly by OIE and/or data that are utilized for university purposes in which OIE specifically oversees (e.g., strategic planning, institutional research). OIE cannot provide assistance with individual research projects or program-related requests that are outside of the current data available to OIE (OIE works with census data from PeopleSoft and national survey data). Contact OIE directly if you have questions regarding this policy.

Complete this brief form for data or research requests (utilizing OIE-related data--see text above), and allow at least 2 weeks for OIE to process your request. If this request is urgent, please continue with completing this form, but also contact OIE directly at 310-506-6629.

Thank you.

Requestor's Information
Request Information

Please send any relevant files or attachments to our email: oie@pepperdine.edu.

Form Completion & Waiver

Data provided by OIE must be used for Pepperdine University needs and purposes. Personal use of OIE data are prohibited. OIE does not provide any raw data files in order to protect the confidentiality and privacy of the participants. Individuals/departments requesting data are expected to take measures to safeguard data. This includes securely storing data and safely disposing data. Please review OIE's Data Management Policy (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2PiAHu_jU0wWGx6b0Y4d1NXcWM/edit) for more information on securing and disposing data.