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Advancement of Student Learning Council

The Advancement of Student Learning Council (ASLC) was developed to meet two major needs of the University:

  1. To inculcate and sustain a culture of systematic student learning assessment in all quarters of the University through the following functions: (a) training faculty and co-curricular professionals in their respective schools or major areas in effective and meaningful assessment practices, (b) facilitating annual and 5-7 year program reviews in their respective schools or major areas and channeling aggregated data aligned to the University's Institutional Educational Objectives to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.
  2. To serve as the body tasked with offering programs undergoing 5-7 year program reviews with feedback on the quality of their critical inquiry process and use of evidence to support their program improvement plan. (See Appendix A for the ASLC Internal Review Report template).

Other functions of the Council include:

  • When requested, offering advisement to the UAC on the quality of new program proposals and existing programs requesting substantial change
  • Preparing the University for WSCUC reaffirmation reviews.


Good practices for program review entail the integration of outcomes-based assessment and evidence-based decision-making. This integration includes the following components:

  • Program self-study
  • External review of program
  • Internal review of program
  • Program Quality Improvement Plan
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
  • Planning and Budgeting
  • Tracking Improvements

An evidence-based decision-making model allows for:

  • Transparency among stakeholders (faculty, co-curricular professionals, and administration)
  • As well as, holds all stakeholders accountable for upholding their commitment

For more information visit the ASLC Community page:

  • Jacqueline Dillion, Seaver College
  • Katie Dodds, Co-Chair (March 2021), Caruso School of Law
  • Brad Dudley, Co-Chair (March 2021), Student Affairs
  • Charla Griffy-Brown, Pepperdine Graziadio Business School 
  • Lee Kats, Vice Provost 
  • Seta Khajarian, Associate Provost Office of Institutional Effectiveness 
  • Kim Miller, Director of Online Programs
  • Michael Shires, School of Public Policy
  • Heather Thomson-Bunn, Seaver College
  • Jeremy Whitt, Payson Library
  • LaTonya Wood, Graduate School of Education and Psychology
  • Student Representative (As needed)
  • OIE Representative (As needed)