Educational Research


The OIE's educational research endeavors provide metrics for benchmarking, institutional reports, and research projects. Through Pepperdine's participation in several National Surveys, OIE is able to indirectly measure student success and satisfaction. OIE also partners with Pepperdine's undergraduate and graduate programs to collect additional indirect survey data. The OIE Data Snapshots and Infographics provide an overview of findings from recent student surveys. The OIE Research Briefs showcase both student success and national survey data in more depth.

Survey Schedule

  • Summer 2017, OIE Incoming Freshman Survey
  • Spring 2018, National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)
  • Spring 2018, Graziadio & OIE Business School Survey
  • Spring 2018, GSEP Services Survey
  • Spring 2018, Pepperdine Law Annual Survey
  • Spring 2018, OIE Alumni Survey

Note—modifications to the above schedule may occur during the academic year.


Surveys administered by OIE are confidential (not anonymous). "Confidential" indicates that survey participants are identifiable to the investigator, usually through a code or ID number. Anonymous means that no identifiers are collected and that the participants cannot be discerned by the investigator. Although, in theory it is possible to identify a participant, OIE keeps all data completely confidential and does not provide any information or reports that could compromise participants' privacy. In addition, all OIE surveys are submitted to Pepperdine's Institutional Review Board (IRB) to further protect participants' privacy (see Data Stewardship for more information on how OIE handles survey data).