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Graduate Campuses

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Pepperdine University remains committed to engaging in practical, purposeful, and ethical use of our resources at each of our campuses. While there are limitations in the number of sustainability measures that we can incorporate at our leased facilities, we seek to maximize their potential into free-standing sustainability programs. The following summarizes the different methods of recycling used by the campuses as well as additional sustainable measures including energy and water.

West Los Angeles

  • Free periodic E-waste recycling
  • Recycle bins are placed in all office spaces, copy rooms, and in the library. These are subsequently retrieved by the janitorial staff and placed in recycling receptacles provided by the landlord. Any plastics, bottles, and cans that are not properly placed in the recycle bins are removed and sorted from regular trash by the janitorial crew prior to emptying.
  • Two bins are strategically placed in the staff lounge and in the Dean's kitchen specifically for plastics and cans. A staff member has volunteered to remove and recycle those bins on a regular basis.
  • Paper recycling bins are located throughout the campus and the paper is subsequently retrieved and recycled by janitorial staff.
  • All classrooms have motion sensors which shut off the lights after a period of inactivity in order to save energy. There are 3-4 banks of lights that must remain on by code.
  • The HVAC is only on during normal working hours and shuts down on nights and weekends when the facilities are not in use. The offices and non-student facilities are also shut down.
  • There are double incentives for those who participate in the rideshare and carshare programs.
  • Energy efficient lights have been installed.


  • Paper collection bins are placed next to the copy machines, which are then collected by the cleaning crew and disposed of in the paper recycling receptacles provided by the Property Management Company for the City of Thousand Oaks' recycling truck to pick up.
  • There is a recycling bin labeled for bottles and cans located next to the student vending machines, which is recycled by the cleaning crew.
  • There are signs posted for faculty and staff to bring any used ink cartridges to the front desk, where they are collected and subsequently recycled by the local School District.
  • The Westlake campus switched all urinals to waterless urinals, 6 total, which save on average 40,000 gallons of water per fixture annually.


  • The Encino campus provides a large container for paper recyclables, which is picked up every Thursday for recycling.
  • Blue containers are provided throughout the campus for bottles and cans.


  • The Irvine campus has a recycling bin located in the 2nd floor student lounge as well as in the 3rd floor vending machine room.
  • The janitorial crews empty the recycle bins on a weekly basis and the building has recycling dumpsters set up with Waste Management.


  • The Building Management Office is excited to announce that beginning Monday, June 1, 2009, the Pasadena Towers will be implementing an Office Recycling Program.