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Sustainability Services

Organic Community Garden

Plant edible produce with the Pepperdine community every fall and spring semester. We have a beautiful enclosed garden with 12 huge raised redwood beds - to plant and grow in to your heart's delight. The garden is open to everyone. We invite you to come with an open heart to discover more of what it means to care for and appreciate God's incredible, delightful, and delectable handiwork - from the sprouting of a seed into a butternut squash to building lifelong relationships with the whole garden team. Our garden has a unique location on the north end of campus below the practice soccer inter-mural field, across from Mail Services, up the road from Towers Road and RHO Parking lot.
Contact: sustainability@pepperdine.edu

Battery Recycling

Receptacles for used batteries are located in the atrium of the second floor of the Payson Library, on the first floor of the HAWC by the restrooms, in the entrance to the Drescher Library, in the SOL cafeteria, in One Stop, in the Sandbar, and in the Eden House. Batteries are picked up from the receptacles and most of them are recycled off campus by Regency Lighting. Batteries that can not be recycled are properly disposed of.

Clothing Recycling

Three Salvation Army bins are available around campus for clothes recycling. They are located at the Drescher roundabout, the George Page commons, and on the North side of Smothers Theater near the HAWC. The Salvation Army uses the proceeds from the sale of the used clothing to assist those who are homeless, abused, or disadvantaged.

Pepperdine Bookstore

The Pepperdine Tyler Campus Bookstore offers a number of options for students to save money on their textbooks each semester and consider the environment at the same time. Many textbooks are available used, in digital form, or for rent. Visit the Pepperdine Bookstore website to see if your courses' textbooks are available in any of these options. Renting instead of buying can save you more than 50% on average compared to the purchase price of a new textbook. Often times, used copies of textbooks are available, allowing students to save a significant amount and offsets the need to print another copy. Digital textbooks are the most sustainable option, as they completely eliminate the creation and printing of a brand new textbook. If your desired textbook is not available digitally yet, encourage your instructors to consider this great option.

E-Waste Recycling

Pepperdine offers a service to faculty and staff where computer electronic waste that is no longer in use can be picked up at your desk. This includes old computers, keyboards, as well as other electronics. Call the Help Desk at 310-506-HELP and they will pick up your office e-waste and re-use or recycle it. The Center for Sustainability and Environmental Health and Safety also puts on an electronic waste drive each year to collect old electronic household items.

Surplus Department Items Not in Use

Surplus materials are "tangible assets" belonging to the University which are no longer of use to the department in possession. When this decision is made, it is to be declared surplus University property and notification is given to Warehouse Services of the intent to declare the item(s) surplus (exception: computers and related data recording devices). For specific instructions on how to surplus an item click here.

Shuttle Services on Campus and into Local Shopping Areas

Campus shuttles provide transportation around campus to help students, faculty, staff, and visitors navigate around campus. Shuttles also provide transportation into the Malibu shopping centers so students do not need to drive individual cars. Transit services provide a full schedule for all the shuttle routes on their website.


Pepperdine offers subsidies to help pay for the vanpool cost making it cost-effective for all employees. Vanpools take the stress out of driving to work as you can relax, sleep, listen to music, or read on your way to and from work. Everyone who vanpools is also eligible for our rideshare prize drawings for cash, movie tickets, gift cards, hotel stays, and more. The vanpool routes can be found here. Please contact Greyson Orellana in Human Resources for information on joining a vanpool.
Contact: greyson.orellana@pepperdine.edu

Eco-Driving Challenge

Eco Driving USA provides multiple ways to drive more efficiently, including an instructional video. This site provides multiple tips on how to reduce fuel use and emissions while saving you money. They also offer an interactive game that teaches the best way to drive in order to obtain the highest fuel-efficiency.