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How to Complete a Semester Request

Activate Accommodations Each Semester with a Semester Request

  1. Navigate to your Accommodate profile through Wavenet > Resources > Accommodate Student
  2. You will see your Home Page; navigate to the Accommodation tab at the top of the page and select Semester Request
  3. Click the Request Accommodation button
  4. You will see a page with your approved accommodations listed in a box outlined with green and a drop down menu for Semester 
    1. Choose the current semester and a list of your classes will appear on the right side of the page 
  5. Click the Review The Renewal button 
    1. Review each of your accommodations and choose to which classes you would like to apply those accommodations  
    2. If you would like, please provide a list of professors with whom you would like our office to send your accommodation letter  

5. Once you have reviewed the requests for all of your approved accommodations, click Submit and our office will email an updated accommodation letter to you after we have processed your request.


Click here for instructions with pictures included.