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How to Obtain Your Pepperdine I-20

Click on the school you will attend to view financial information for the first 12 months of your program of study. The tuition rate is subject to change. Living expenses are estimated at US$2,000 per month. Other expenses (books, supplies, insurance, etc.) are estimated at US$700 per month. Please note that living and other costs are estimated for the purpose of creating the  Form I-20 and do not represent the true and actual cost you will incur, which will depend on your choice of housing accommodations and personal needs and preferences. Add $500 per month for each dependent. 

Cost of Attendance

Graziadio School of Business and Management

ProgramTuitionEstimated Living CostsEstimated Other CostsTotal
MS in Applied Finance $75,975 $24,000 $8,400 $108,375
MS in Applied Analytics $75,975 $24,000 $8,400 $108,375
MS in Real Estate Investment Finance $57,890 $24,000 $8,400 $90,290
MS in Global Business Fall $50,650 $16,000 $5,600 $72,250
MS in Global Business Spring $75,975 $24,000 $8,400 $108,375
MS in Management and Leadership $44,590 $24,000 $8,400 $76,990
MS in Organization Development $39,750 $5,500 $3,000 $48,450
MS in Human Resources $56,000 $24,000 $8,400 $88,400
Fully Employed MBA $41,160 $24,000 $8,400 $73,560
Full Time MBA (12-month) $74,250 $24,000 $8,400 $106,650
Full Time MBA (15-month) $74,250 $24,000 $8,400 $106,650
Full Time MBA (20-month) $49,500 $16,000 $5,600 $71,100
International MBA $50,650 $16,000 $5,600 $72,250
Presidents and Key Executives MBA $112,500 $24,000 $8,400 $144,900
Executive MBA $78,600 $24,000  $8,400 $111,000
Bachelor of Science in Management $45,540 $24,000 $8,400 $77,940
Exchange (1-term) $0 $8,000 $2,800 $10,800

Graduate School of Education and Psychology

ProgramTuition*Estimated Living CostsEstimated Other CostsTotal
MA in Teaching $40,630 $22,000 $7,700 $70,330
MA in Education $35,850 $22,000 $7,700  $65,550 
MA in TESOL $35,850 $22,000 $7,700 $65,550
MA in Social Entrepreneurship and Change $28,680 $24,000 $8,400  $61,080

MA in Psychology

$21,510  $24,000  $8,400  $53,910

MA in Clinical Psychology with Emphasis

in Marriage and Family Therapy- Day Format

 $49,335  $24,000 $8,400  $81,735

MA in Clinical Psychology with Emphasis

in Marriage and Family Therapy- Evening Format

$21,510  $24,000 $8,400 $53,910

MA in Clinical Psychology with Emphasis

in Marriage and Family Therapy-Latinas/os

$21,510 $24,000 $8,400 $53,910
MS in Behavioral Psychology $34,655 $24,000 $8,400 $67,055
PsyD in Clinical Psychology $60,400 $24,000 $8,400 $92,800
EdD in Learning Technologies $39,260 $24,000 $8,400 $71,660
EdD in Organizational Leadership $39,260 $24,000 $8,400 $71,660

EdD in Educational Leadership,

Administration, and Policy

 $37,750 $24,000 $8,400 $70,150

PhD in Global Leadership and Change

$39,260 $24,000 $8,400 $71,660

School of Law

ProgramTuitionEstimated Living CostsEstimated Other CostsTotal
Juris Doctor $54,200 $18,000 $6,300 $78,500
Certificate In Dispute Resolution $27,930 $18,000 $6,300 $52,230
Master of Laws (LLM) $51,870 $18,000 $6,300 $76,170
Master of Dispute Resolution (MDR) $63,840 $24,000 $8,400



School of Public Policy

ProgramTuitionEstimated Living CostsEstimated Other CostsTotal
Master of Public Policy $38,250 $16,000 $5,600 $59,850

Seaver College Graduate Programs

Program Tuition

Estimated living costs

Estimated other costs

Certificate in Nutrition $39,000 $20,000 $7,000 $66,000

MA in Strategic


$29,250 $22,000 $7,700 $58,950

MFA in Writing for

Screen & Television

$26,000 $16,000 $5,600 $47,600

I-20 Checklist

1: Copy of Passport

Submit a copy of your passport, as well as your dependents' passport. If your dependent is a spouse, include a copy of the marriage certificate. 

2: International Student Data (ISD) Form

Complete the International Student Data (ISD) Form. Please refer to the "Cost of Attendance" table for tuition information and enter the amount you will incur in the first year. For Form I-20 purposes, estimate USD 2,500 per month for living and miscellaneous expenses, and USD 500 additionally per month for each dependent. NOTE: You must submit the ISD form electronically, separately from the rest of your documents.

3: Financial Guarantee

Proof of Financial Support - You must submit documentary evidence of financial support for all sources that you have indicated on the ISD form. The financial support must be sufficient to cover the student's expenses for one academic year. You will need to submit the following documents:

  • First, check the Cost of Attendance table below to see the total cost of your program.
  • For personal funds, provide a bank statement or other financial statement(s). For the list of acceptable financial documents, please refer to the Proof of Financial Support.
  • For private or family sponsors, provide a bank statement or other financial statement(s) AND an Affidavit of Support.
  • For other institutional support/awards/scholarships/etc., provide a letter on OFFICIAL letterhead including a signature showing amount and length of support.

4: SEVIS Status Verification (SSV) Form

If you have never attended a US institution on an F-1 visa, you do not have to submit this form.

Current F-1 students - If you are currently attending a school in the US or are on OPT/CPT, give this form to the Designated School Official (DSO) at your school. Your DSO will indicate on the form when your F-1 record may be released to Pepperdine University. Be sure to ask your DSO about the specific deadline by which your record must be released.

Former students - If you have previously attended a school in the US and your record is no longer active, please ask your DSO to provide information about your previous status on the SSV Form.

Complete the SEVIS Status Verification (SSV) Form.


5: Where to Send Your Documents

Write your CWID number in the subject line, save all your documents as a PDF file and send them as an email attachment to